[NBA] too! Leonard wear sweater Museum training goal

4 thunder and Spurs jiqiangkaida, each player also has come to the Chesapeake energy arena. From the outside into the arena of the channel, usually players fashion show. They will generally choose more formal clothes

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Most of the players will choose suit dress. As Weiss trendsetter will choose a variety of new clothes to highlight their own fashion taste. But the Spurs are usually the exception, from Duncan began a lot of people are wearing a shirt and T-shirt to come, Popovich is also wearing a regular T-shirt, the game needs to wear a suit to carry in his hand. But no Leonard so regardless of image, he directly wearing his Practice Jersey came to the arena, San Antonio basketball clothes and shining words. U.S. reporter on Tucao, he can only play in the fashion competition in the F, he was wearing it yesterday in this training, and then did not take off the clothes directly over it?” Wes wears a Anaheim Ducks (hockey) coat today, sea ducks in California and Wes is from California. In addition, the sea duck and thunder is a orange as the main colors and sea ducks in the first round of the playoffs also reversed victory over promotion rivals, which can also be seen on the now thunder losing 2-1 in incentive. Author: NetEase Sports