[NBA] union to add de Rakic technical and fine

Reported on May 12: in four games in the Miami Heat team against the Raptors series. In overtime, the Miami Heat difficult to score 94-87 won the race. But according to NBA’s official website reported that the heat guard de Rakic in the fourth quarter of 2 minutes and 17 seconds, there is a relatively large movement of the foul was added a technical foul, but also a fine of $2000. At that time, the two sides in the basket, de Rakic in the basket and entangled in the basket together, de Rakic finally waved his arm and hit Joseph. “It’s just a normal physical confrontation,” de Rakic said after the punishment. “At that time I tried to scramble for the boards, and he (Joseph) grabbed my arm and I wanted to get out of it. I did swing my arms, but it didn’t hit him.” And the basket of foul another party has said that he did not want to tangle in this, Joseph said he only think about the next game. “Well, I have nothing to say, my attention is focused on tonight’s game.” Joseph says so. Against the Raptors Miami series, known to many fans seen as a round salute traditional, sincere to the meat of the series, their tough defense, do not like three pointers, more good physical confrontation, holding breakthrough to solve the problem. So the competition between them is difficult to appear a team in a wave of high tide the score locking victory, even if there is a team attack disorder, also can rely on tough defense drag to slow down your opponent footsteps. In the previous four games, the scores of the two teams are not high, but appeared overtime 3 times, while in the presence of divided difference, Miami in the first four games have won only Raptors 1


3 points, indicates the competition intense degree. Author: Zhao Buchuan