[NBA] Wade LBJ to the big screen on Janeway connection

The Miami Heat team headed star Dwyane Wade recently in an interview with local media said, for participating in the Space Jam 2 “very interested. If Wade eventually identified the participating, then he will and his good friends LeBron James in the film re interpretation of the classic Janeway’s connection. Michael – Jordan starred in “air dunk” sports film is become fashionable for a time. The film, which was released in 1996, caused a great stir at the time, and finally achieved good results at the global box office up to $. The film also left a deep impression on many NBA players. Since the film to shoot the news of the sequel, the League of many players have expressed hope that they can play a role in it. These include Downes, Rivers, JR- Smith, and others. Even the big names such as Blake – Griffin also expressed the hope that in which, no matter what their roles are able to accept. Prior to the knight team star James – Lebron because and Warner Brothers, the relationship between the film company, it is reported by the media as has been identified as the hero of the film. Good brother to see the film, Wade nature also can not help but stand up and stand up to support the. If there is a chance to appear in the movie, Wade said: “I would like to, I will be very interested in

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Why don’t you want to? Clearly in the “big air dunk” movie, Michael Jordan and other great players. So, if you can do it, why don’t we shoot a sequel?” “Big air dunk” first is definitely a lot of NBA star studded film. In addition to Jordan, other superstar also comprises a Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo – Mo Ning et al, as well as some at that time very famous star. As early as the beginning of the playoffs, Lebron talked about the cooperation with Warner brothers. He said: “I have a great team to help me take care of all the things outside the stadium. Since I signed with Warner Brothers, we have been planning to do something that is suitable for both parties. My team is currently working on this. But I don’t want to distract myself from my current job. For me, the most important is the playoffs.” Lebron and Wade in the Miami heat has had a very successful period of cooperation, the two people in the history of one of the most tacit understanding of the team. Although the two people have not played in a team, but they still maintain a deep friendship between. Previously, Lebron was in the season specifically to Miami, only to find Wade playing together. If you can see the Janeway connection again staged in the film, for the fans to enjoy the absolute value. Author: Hu Hu