[NBA] warriors high-level cheat Walton Lakers lost first round

May 18 reported: Beijing time on May 18, the NBA announced the lottery results, the Lakers for the second year in a row, pumped Bangyan sign, wish to keep the precious first signed, but may also choose to prospect very optimistic about the subject of the Simmons and Brandon Ingram the a. The Lakers on a sign is very important, because if not to the top three, will make 76 people in accordance with the terms of the transaction. They only won 17 games last season, and if they choose not to be high, it will be a big loss

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So before the start of the draft, all Lakers fans and the media are very nervous, general manager Mitch Kupchak as lots of people is also scary. Interesting is, according to the Los Angeles correspondent reported, before the balloting began, Raymond Ryder, warriors, vice president of public relations also spoof team assistant Luke Walton, send text messages tell him the Lakers unfortunately pumped up to 4 sign and therefore lost the first round of the sign, and Luke Walton had believed in. Walton has confirmed that he will be the Lakers’ new coach after the end of the season, no doubt he hopes the team will be able to get a lot in the draw. Unfortunately, there is no real time to reflect the media to live Walton, I do not know if the Lakers have to keep in touch with him. Walton had previously said that he was very optimistic about the prospects for the Lakers in several young players, if can elect a high cis position potential rookie, regardless of their own culture or to be used as a bargaining chip, is good for the team. Now Walton still want to focus on the warriors in the playoffs, they lost to thunder in the Western Conference finals, the pressure is not small. The Lakers next will immediately begin to rookie of the trial work, Walton may not be distracted in, depends on whether the management of Huiyanshizhu, looking for to the future of the team the cornerstone of the construction team. By the end of the season, Walton will be able to recruit players with management in the free market, this summer is very critical for the Lakers, perhaps will become a more important turning point in the history of the team. Author: Kewell