[NBA] was hacked to a foul by Leonard in advance

May 11th: the Spurs and thunder fifth day war King Hill, several game both sides exchange lead, fight to the last 43 seconds, Parke two penalty will narrow the difference to only 1 points, then Durant errors, Parke missed a jumper with 9.3 seconds left, time is the best choice, the Spurs, thunder from the first line of the ball time foul, Popovich is so arranged, suspend the return ball dimension less, Leonard to slap in the dimension less arm, regardless of dimension less two free throws and two free throws, the Spurs have dragged the match into overtime may be, no one can think of the most should not happen the scene took place, the referee as blind as whistle! Dimension less stupefied God, but he no matter so much, if the referee no foul, to go on the offensive, the dimension less storm the basket under the score, LaMarcus Aldridge and foul, the referee whistle is fast, less dimensional station to the free throw line will hit into 2 + 1, will be divided into opened to the poor 4. Through the slow motion playback, can see very clearly fouls in Leonard, except for a tackle the dimension with less, Leonard in speed, wingspan to made the meanest foul, why judge knowingly spurs is foul tactics, haven’t whistle? After he (Leonard) foul, “Popovich said.” this is an obvious but foul, but three referees are not whistle, okay, this is in the basketball game. ” A named Nate Duncan of the U.S. media reporters on twitter released less dimensional last catch the whole process, Leonard’s foul clear enough not to say, in dimension less to attack the basket in Aldridge attempt steals and two hands no contact, Victoria less across Aldrich, sneaks in the ball, the ball in the conventional time will not refereed 2 + 1 are unknown, to such a critical time, incredibly and blowing a penalty? “The referee may want to blow the first whistle, but late, only it would be wrong.” There is beauty, remember this Tucao. ESPN columnist J.A. Dan De also said: “the ball didn’t get a foul, I think Leonard should be good practise grappling with his Sanda skills

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” Once again, the referee’s whistle around the final outcome of the game, in fact like a named Scotty Achilles reporter said: “this year’s playoffs penalty is very bad, which is unfortunate.” Another reporter Gro Will went to the hair Tucao route: the estimated tomorrow’s fine report had to be so thick.” In addition to this foul tactics were ignored, earlier and another error penalty, that is competition and 54.7 seconds end before Durant station to the free throw line, from the slow motion replay, green is knocked down by the Adams, green and knocked down Durant, the result is Durant has been the two free throws, originally tied into the Oklahoma City Thunder 2 points ahead of these games into the grip of the thunder. Can imagine, before the referee report tomorrow, the NBA announced, the media, the fans will be in front of the two key misjudged talking, the past two rounds of many wrong decisions will was taken out and discussed again and again, like Gregg Popovich said, that was the end of the race, the horse needling should do is to pack up to Oklahoma, take a look at a competition can not win, the game back to San Antonio. Author: John