[NBA] Weiss Cole was suspected walking without blowing

The Western Conference finals started the confrontation of G1, warriors, most of the time the leading advantage of 10 +, but was eventually thunder comeback, losing 102-108, losing home court advantage. But it is worth mentioning that this game has once again been controversial blow. In the final 17


2 seconds, was hotly contested, behind the warriors 102-105. At this time thunder attack, Westbrook edges dribble. Thompson approached 1 on defence and the Westbrook to call a timeout, and some hesitation, hold the ball was walking, and then hit the suspension of gestures, but the referee did not blow for walking, but to suspend. The controversial ball also sparked heated debate on the social network, the United States reporter Kenny – Darcy is also a direct drying out of the video, said Wesbrook foul without blowing.” From the point of view on the reaction of warriors, they also think this is a walk. Thompson direct hit walking gestures, and on the sidelines of the cole coach is also incredibly with your mouth, slowly squat on the ground, as if not believing this was whistled turned out to be the referee missed. If it was the referee has blown a walking, then thunder is a mistake, and the ball will revert to the warriors. Obviously, the warriors will have the opportunity to tie the score. However, the game has ended, the penalty can not be changed, the warrior only in the face of 0-1 behind the situation. Review thunder and Spurs in the Western Conference, the two sides also appeared many leakage, miscarriage of justice, which also led to the media, fans of the discussion, is this round of series will be the same rhythm? Author: Qiao Tete