[NBA] white ball 4 spurs lost game 40 rebounds!

May 11th report: Beijing time in May 11th, thunder in the 95-91 victory over the Spurs, made a big score 3-2 lead. Thunder in the game out of the strength of the high intensity of defense and tough will, the team together to fight the 53 rebounds, completely rolled the Spurs, more than the opponent to grab 17. The last 4 games, the Spurs on the rebound lost a total of 40. Since in G1 collapsed following a defeat, the thunder quickly revived and began to learn from each other and from the coaching staff to double less stressed the advantage of the body and play


After all, the thunder than the Spurs young, athletic ability, and more comprehensive players, from Adu to Adams to Weiss, is offensive and defensive all-round. Thus, from the beginning of G2, the thunder successfully struggled to get the Spurs, and each game has taken the absolute advantage of the rebounds. G2 thunder in the away win the Spurs team 1 points, rebounds more than the opponent to grab a 11. G3 thunder while losing, but the rebound is still to win the Spurs 5, more than 7 offensive rebounds. G4 in the Spurs only grabbed 34 rebounds, while the thunder robbed 40. Today is no exception, the thunder can be said to rely on the edge of the game to win the game. Weiss, Adams, Kanter, Adu, all on the double, Robertson, also actively rush. And the Spurs in addition to the young A De and come to Ann’s outside, Duncan, Dior, West three major rotation in a total of only grabbed 7 rebounds. At the end of 7 minutes and 15 seconds, the Spurs unexpectedly turn thunder grabbed two offensive rebounds, 3 offensive opportunities. Weiss in 2 minutes and 23 seconds also grabbed the key offensive rebounds, then eye assists Kanter layup, helping the thunder tied the score. After that, every time the Spurs missed grab offensive rebounds, until finally 2.9 seconds Leonard three points not into, Parker to get offensive boards, but has not been able to more into a third. More to the point, is in the final 42.3 seconds, Parker if two free throws in the Spurs will again put an equaliser, but it’s a pity that he missed the second goal, and Wes lipin rebound, thunder immediately call suspended. This is the key to the ball, so that the thunder took the initiative. Although suspended after Adu steals, but the Spurs didn’t attack, but the thunder again rebounds in the bag. The Spurs team’s shooting percentage is only 40.2%, while in the fourth quarter, only 19 points. Even if the thunder had 20 turnovers, they could not use to stabilize the victory, it is not as good as the opponent in the tackle actively. In addition to the G1, the Spurs in the face of thunder actually never played that kind of absolute advantage, if the rebound continue to fall, the thunder may further occupy the initiative. Author: Kewell