[NBA] Zhou Qi to accept the Celtics alone interview

Zhang Qiang, Chicago on May 14 report: local time on May 13, Chicago joint workout to enter the second day, Zhouqi did not appear in appearance


It is understood that Zhou Qi in Chicago in addition to personal training outside the closed, but also to accept the Celtics and other teams interview. Yesterday the joint trial on the first day, Zhouqi appeared in exploring the multifunctional gymnasium, were woven into the set of shooting, shooting practice, also accepted the enclave. According to the original plan, Zhou Qi to attend today’s trial, but canceled, NBA news, also in local time temporarily last night told Chinese media Zhou Qi training cancelled. This afternoon, the presence of the Chinese media to interview a few, and in yesterday, the Chinese reporters close to ten. It is understood that Zhou Qi has a separate personal closed training in Chicago, he came to this city has been insisted on training. In addition, he was an important task of this trip is to receive some of the NBA team’s interview requests, Zhou Qi and they will be interviewed one by one, which, the Celtics is one of them. Zhou Qi revealed and the Celtics interview effect is good, very good, I am also concerned about the team, their last few games this season, including some of the key games in the playoffs, I have seen. However, I am not very understanding of their coach (Stevens).” The Celtics this year 48 wins and 34 losses, fifth among the eastern, the first round of the playoffs to the 2-4. In this year’s NBA draft conference, the Celtics in the previous multiple transactions in the future to get the next rookie, with up to 7 signed, of which the first round of 3, the second round of the 4. No matter from the Celtics to interview Zhou Qi, or they have the draft pick, Zhou Qi is likely to be selected by the celtics. Author: Zhang Qiang