[NBA]76 or change the green army third sign Okafor

If not most skilled in calculating the team, 76 people is the most skilled in one of the teams in the calculation, they currently have the focus to June 23 (US time) the NBA draft. 76 people hold sign this year’s first round No. 1, No. 24 and 26, and keep sufficient salary cap space; has been ill in bed “graciousness Germany finally is expected to return, coupled with the young and talented big men lorons Naur and Emeka Okafor, they can make the choice is very much. Chad Ford, ESPN NBA “spy” told ESPN radio, 76 people “very likely” traded Emeka Okafor and Noel a, the transaction is more likely Emeka Okafor. “I think it is very possible, whether they use to trade picks up, or in order to attract a free agent to join, or just trading for its own sake, for the start of the season. You don’t see Noel and Emeka Okafor, this combination.” Ford said, “I think they will market appeal of the two players to make evaluation, I think 76 people may tend to leave Noel, because Emeka Okafor more market appeal, trading higher value. And I think everyone feels that the combination of these two players will not work at all.” “76 people have to take advantage of the resources at hand, the first step to take off the Simmons or Ingram is particularly important.” Ford continued. “And they also need to use hand of assets, to fill his backcourt, because their hand picks are No. 24 and 26, in the cis position you can’t select first level players. The first terminal. I’m not even sure you cannot select enough to bring a significant impact on the rotation players, so they have the transaction or sign up for a free agent to reinforce


I although don’t think they’ll Noel and Emeka Okafor and traded, but any one of them are very good bargaining chip. ” David Aldridge, a famous journalist, earlier this week, also made a similar point of view, he believes that 76 people will be on the day of the draft day trading off Okafor. He believes that 76 people of high cis position of the first round of the show “coveted, they want to then get a high overall pick in the draft, together with the team” to support the strong Noel “, so Emeka Okafor departure possibility. There are many teams are very interested in Okafor, including the Celtics, they hold the first round of the first round of the 3, 16 and 23. According to reports, before the end of the season, the Celtics have been active in the operation of trading Okafor matters. “If I were 76 people, tomorrow I will to do this,” Ford in talking about the potential deal between 76 people and army green. “I don’t know Boston are willing, but on 76 people, they are 100 percent happy. I believe that this transaction can bring them a elite level back, this person has may be Chris Dunn or Jamal Murray, then all of a sudden, you will find that your future becomes very, very clear. I think that if the Celtics are willing to trade, 76 people should be very easy to make a decision.” Author: Small Red Army