[NBA]ESPN: Knight cut the total odds of nearly 9 into

Reported on May 20: today the Cavaliers to the East never G2 games to 108-89 again beat the Raptors, with game 1 victory, and now the Cavs in Tabitha points has to 2-0 ahead of raptors, G3 game will go to to the Raptors at home. ESPN also announced the latest issue of BPI index, ESPN, knight team to qualify for the finals of the rate has been as high as 89%, is almost a certainty, and good they could sweep the Raptors chances of 21%, if really can continue to sweep, then the Cavaliers will become the Lakers team in 2001, and a partition remain unbeaten in the finals team. And simple in probability, the Cavaliers most favored elimination the Raptors to a big score 4-1, the possibility of a chance of up to 36%. In fact in G1 Cavaliers to 115-84 the large-scale points Hao effortless victory after, the Cavaliers promotion probability reached 81%, and after winning the G2, Knight promotion probability added 8 percentage points. Although the next two games will be in the home to the Raptors were, but the Raptors was in a bad position, they Lianban 4 eliminated the possibility of the Cavaliers only 4%, and grab 7 war eliminated the possibility of knight is 6%, said the Raptors promotion in view of the current situation there is only theoretical possibilities. Compared to the Cavaliers successive rounds undefeated, raptors earlier rounds are in rob 7 war has eliminated the pedestrian team and the Miami Heat

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In the elimination of pedestrian’s series in. Team main force center Mr Varin Yunus has a play a very important, but in against the Miami Heat in a series of Sailiyin injury sidelined since, if the Raptors in the next game usher in MR Varin’s comeback, perhaps they in the Eastern Conference finals also have turn for the better. In fact, raptors team reached the Eastern Conference finals has created the history of the team, as long as the promotion probability is not 0%, then it means that everything there is hope. Author: Zhao Buchuan