[NBA]ESPN: Knight lost promotion rate is still over 8

In the Eastern Conference finals against the Toronto Raptors in 0-2 behind the unfavorable situation, back to their home finally pulled a city, in G3 them to 99-84 score beat the Cavaliers. And after the game, ESPN also announced the latest round of the series BPI index. ESPN, knight team to qualify for the finals of the odds are still up to 81%, and before losing the match, Knight promotion probability was 89%, can say lose G3 promotion prospects for the Cavaliers did not produce too big effect. In the knight’s promotion probability, then they two game winning streak to a big score 4-1 eliminated the Raptors of the most promising and is a good chance that reached 32%, 4-2 eliminated the Raptors chances for 23%, by Rob 7 to 26% probabilities for the finals of the, not low


And the Raptors, promising them in the next win 3 Games victory 4-2 Knight’s chance to 9%, by Rob 7 eliminated the Cavaliers probability is 10%, the two compared to their chances before winning the G3 were up 5% and 4%. Here it is important to pay attention to the fans, both through grab 7 to divide a victory or defeat of chances in G3 prior to have relatively large increase, before the G3, the two teams grab 7 chance for 22% (Knight 16%, the Raptors 6%), and after the G3 Raptors pulled inning, two teams grab 7 chance is rising to 36%. Obviously, after the team lost G3 game, although they are still very optimistic about the prospects for the promotion, but the whole series will probably become a little longer. Of course, such a long for the neutral fans will not be a bad thing. Author: Zhao Buchuan