[NBA]ESPN: thunder cut probability as high as 68%

May 12th: yesterday, the Sanantonio spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder staged battle of king mountain, the final thunder to 95-91 reversal win. Although NBA official today admitted that the last time the game appeared two times for the Spurs is enough to kill the wrong sentence, but some have not changed. Thunder 3-2 total score of the fact that can not be changed, the series of victory in the balance has also been completely tilted to the thunder team here. ESPN today announced the Spurs and thunder team in this series of the latest BPI data (basketball strength index). After tens of thousands of analysis and calculation, ESPN data is: thunder team cut the probability of up to 68%, while the Spurs cut the probability of the decline to only 32%. Thunder team is currently leading the total score of 3-2, the next station they will return to their own home. The thunder to the public will after the series in the first war defeat big score unfavorable situation. At present, but made a total score of the leading, Durant and Westbrook two superstars in recent two games each have an outbreak, helping the team to a two game winning streak. It can be said that the thunder team up and down the current taxi is at the top of the peak. Thunder in the sixth battle to win the total score 4-2 the probability of the Spurs to reach 55%, while the thunder team experienced seven wars to the total score 4-3 eliminated the Spurs probability is 12%

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In this round of the series, after all the experts and the media are generally more optimistic about the Spurs final promotion. In the king of the mountain before the war, BPI ESPN data also has been considered a higher probability of the spurs. In the series before the fifth war, ESPN think the Spurs advance probability as high as 71%. However, losing the king of the mountain battle, so that the Spurs cut the probability of a greatly reduced, only 32%. The Spurs want to get a series of sixth war victory is very difficult. According to the statistical data shows, their coach Gregg Popovich in when be rivals to get match point after the game, the notch made only 1 wins and 1 negative record, in adversity to overcome the difficulties of times too little. Popovich’s example only once taken away win the match point after career occurred in 2008 the second round of the hornets. Although the Spurs Hornets were the first to get the match point, but they eventually counter attack is successful, with a 4-3 win over rival promotion. For the Spurs, they have no way of escape, but also as coach Gregg Popovich said, this round of the series isn’t over yet. The Spurs have to do is in the thunder’s home court won a victory, will grab the game into the Seven World War ii. And once into the Seven World War II, back to the home of the Spurs will once again occupy the leading edge. Author: Hu Hu