[NBA]KD don’t just have a problem with the brush.

Thunder on a victory over the Golden State Warriors to steal home court advantage, Durant finished with 26 points and 10 rebounds well. In addition dimension less 27 points 6 rebounds, 12 assists and 7 steals, Adams also have 16 points and 12 rebounds, when his presence outscored the thunder by 20 points. Could the thunder broke the small upset, not Durant contribution is the largest, and, unlike in previous years, now thunder has been Durant is not a team. Donovan in his first year in office the thunder to now the height is not easy, Durant is still the core of the team, but it is no longer the only core, Donovan for the change in the thunder is will the ball more sent to the dimension less hands, let him breakthrough with ball led the team, Durant as an offensive end point, his choice is correct, Victoria less conventional field were led the league in assists in the second, the playoffs was promoted to the first, thunder quickly jump up, beat the Spurs, less dimension not less credit. What about Durant? His task was to score. To a certain extent, it is a good thing. For a long time, Durant technical aspects have a great short board, because the height is too high, your arms are too long, his control and dribbling, including passing bad, on a field with 26 points, Durant has five turnovers in the playoff has his turnovers 3.4 times, than the regular season as low as 0.1 times, but still a playoff career high. Another statistic is the type of player’s fault, Durant lead the league in the fall of the ball. Because of this, even if he firepower, the thunder is always on tenterhooks. A hit the key to the ball before, Durant is 7 consecutive shots, warrior today changed defensive strategy, emptying Robertson, with five people to defend thunder 4 individuals, Durant in the face of the pressure can be imagined. Have to say, Durant is very strong, Rao is such a defensive strength, he is also scoring. First quarter scored 7 points, section into the Durant’s individual performance, he from 10 minutes and 13 seconds began continuous struck twice to narrow the gap, then hit consecutive 2 three points, seven points 03 seconds to Durant to withdraw further hit a jumper to succeed, thunder has will be divided into gap down to only 1 points, including four minutes and 35 seconds turnaround jumper hit, 1 minutes and 35 seconds and dimension less with the empty dunks, Durant single-cell take 16 points. Half court did not finish, 23 points in hand. What does this number mean? This is likely to mean the thunder from the Oracle arena with a second victory. Prior to this, Durant has 9 playoff half to get the 20+ score, all 9 games thunder win the ball

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Then? In this dunk tied the score after the thunder suddenly cut off electricity, to make the score of 8-0 warriors established a leading climax. Wait until the third day, quasi heart adjusted curry began continuous shooting, Durant went to where? He struggles under Barnes, Thompson, green were besieged, 6 minutes and 44 seconds Durant passing errors is curry steals, 1 minute after Durant off ball turnovers by Andrew Bogut steals, this is he the 7th and 8th mistakes, Durant playoffs, single field appears at least eight turnovers, thunder’s record how it? 3 games, 0 wins and 3 losses. Soon, the warriors will lead to open to 15 points, 20 points, Durant distal up continuous attack misses, thus disarm the, Durant playoffs, the first half of CD20 + unbeaten Jinshen been broken, CD8 + of playoff failure defeat the whole embarrassing record down, under a bilateral before to Oklahoma City battles, home after Durant can timely and out of the battlefield were 6.5 times mistakes quagmire, to help lead the thunder to regain? Author: John