[NBA]LBJ Bosh: the most important health family

The Miami Heat in the Raptors with Rob 7 station defeated to, have been the end of the journey of the season, but for the team, they have the also a bad news, bosh is likely because of pulmonary embolism and forced to accept the “medical retired, ahead of the end of his career


And once with Chris Bosh in Miami done LeBron’s teammates has led his team to the finals to the Eastern Conference finals, when after the announcement, LeBron said, he clearly if Bosh’s career really ended, then this for Bosh will is a great blow, but LeBron James also said that he is more concerned about is the Bosh’s health. Earlier in the playoffs start stage bosh tried to comeback time, he with the Miami Heat on this issue conflicts, and finally had to the players union intervened, and LeBron is the players union incumbent vice president, he bosh situation accepted reporter interviews. “Obviously, he will involve some medical knowledge, but also temporarily change, I can’t evaluate the players union next step should be to do,” LeBron told the reporter Chris Fedor interview with the official website of the knight. “As his brothers and friends, I knew he was going through what he had gone through, I not only once and he talked, I can’t said I know exactly how he feels, but this year, his physical condition is indeed very serious.” “But I still think that his health and his family are the most important things. Basketball is a very important part of our life. Obviously, he wants to return to the game. As his friend, I hope he can recover as much as possible, and hope he can return to the court next season.” The so-called “medical retired,” is to 2017 on February 10 (distance bosh one play a year after Chris Bosh or don’t play, in accordance with relevant provisions of the alliance, the Miami heat can combine with the players union application specified by the alliance of doctors to on Bosh’s condition diagnosis, if doctors eventually confirmed the bosh body has been unable to allow him to continue his career, bosh can choose “medical retired, so Chris Bosh can also get all the salaries of the remaining contract, and Chris Bosh salary also will not be counted in the salary cap for the Miami Heat. Author: Zhao Buchuan