Please call the [NBA] library “Road King” as he KB!

Yesterday, the warriors in the Western Conference finals G6 to beat the thunder, the two sides will be the total score of 3-3 flat. This is the warrior in this round of competition for the first time in the thunder home court win, and this is a continuation of a strong record library. Since entering the NBA since 2009, this is the library through the playoffs the 10 series, and each series, he helped the warriors on the road and get off at least a victory


2012-13 season, the Nuggets, spurs, in the road to win 1 games. 2013-14 season, the clippers, 1 wins on the road. 2014-15 season, two wins, two wins away Pelican Grizzlies, 1 wins, two wins, rocket knight. Until the end of the season, for the Rockets, the pioneers, the thunder have won 1 away. Career before the 10 round of the series are away victory, how rare this performance? Can look at some other stars in this area of record. For example, the knight star Lebron, he entered the NBA after the first 5 series are away victory, but in the first time in the finals and the Spurs clash, not able to win in the road. After the Celtics and the series is also not able to win the game away. In the 10 series of Lebron’s career, he has 2 times not to win the game. Durant, he for the first time in his career to the playoffs is not able to do away win (the Lakers), after continuous six series he helped the thunder had at least 1 victory on the road, but the finals against the heat, and then against the Grizzlies series were not able to on the road to steal points. Durant career before the 10 round of the series, there are 3 round of the game did not win. The retired former Lakers star Kobe in the career of the 10 series win on the road is not very good. In the first 10 games, he had only 5 wins away from home. The Spurs star Duncan, he entered the NBA in the first 10 round series is also a 3 round of the game did not win the game. In addition to a rules it is worth mentioning that has recently two season’s playoffs, when curry scored 30 points, a warrior is victory. Yesterday, curry had 31 points, the warriors to win, to continuation of this law, the warriors in the performance of the library record is 12 wins and 0 losses. Author: Qiao Tete