Sir Alex [NBA] released next season’s jersey was Tucao

Beijing time May 13th news, NBA Utah Jazz released the team in the 2017 – 2016 season of the New Jersey, logo design and the new home design. But the official announcement did not get everyone’s approval, but have Tucao New Jersey design. Compared to the new team logo and before the team logo, it can be said that there is no much change, only able to explain is the team you want to change a logo, the new team logo will render as a symbol in the middle of the next season, the Jazz home stadium in front of fans. Also announced a new logo, the Utah Jazz also announced the team next season in New Jersey, Home Jersey color to white dominated, green, blue, yellow and as a supplement, the away kit announced the two, first, with dark green, blue, yellow, white and supplement


Second, mainly in blue, green, white and yellow as a supplement. Last year’s jersey is almost the same, there are some fans joked: if you do not go seriously, there will be no way that they did not change the shirt.” Play 2K 10 years, two teams, I never been in dynasty mode of the file, a is a jazz is the knight, the reason for this is that the two teams Jersey really ugly. ” In addition to the subject field of Jersey announced, also announced the style of a throwback jerseys, is this shirt caused everyone began to have Tucao: “so ugly shirt can actually get paid, is really a waste ah!” “The last warm-up is to short sleeved clothes together, the rhythm of it.” Retro jerseys was almost in the League all players Tucao, warriors core library had Tucao said: “wear so ugly shirt in a nationally televised game appearance, really uncomfortable.” “Defense is too intense in the game. If you poke your finger into the cuff, you might get hurt.” Wade said. And why did the Utah Jazz favour the retro shirt? Jazz this half sleeve jersey design was the United States today sports section of the United States to take out the 90 two years of the United States Football League team jersey, to take the level of Tucao designers. According to the website news, filed Jazz disappointing performance, you will immediately think of is regular season at the end of the war to “old pan” Kobe scored 60 points to murder sir, or is in Stockton and Malone “Utah Shuangsha” era of total and total champion missed, for the fans the team’s history and record has been very disappointing, but the New Jersey design may allow a more fans disappointed. Author: left