The most gorgeous dream of [NBA]’s strongest spurs is broken.

Fireworks, often in the most gorgeous when put out. The strongest in the history of a Spurs, but missed the finals. 99-113, after all, the paratelum super counter surge high and sweep forward for miracle, no reverse. A spent force, incompetent. Light from the regular season record, this is definitely the strongest in the history of the spurs. 67 wins, which is the standard hall class team. If the 73 win warriors steal the show, the Spurs to become a model widely acclaimed. Isn’t it? Duncan is 40 years old, from 1997 to 2016, the Spurs can enter the playoffs every year, every year has maintained a strong competitive. Last summer, the Spurs got Aldridge. Even if the first round of the first round, the team still has a fatal attraction for the free agent. But in an interview with Parke said very understand, “spurs the only goal this year is to win the championship. If you can not win, then everything will have no meaning.” A war today, Parke fulfilled his promise, 34 year old veteran, even in front of Wesbrook press! As is known to all, this defensive posture, in fact, is the most exhausting. The Spurs have no escape route, the opening game victory, swept the opponents 32 points, gave the holy city and the Holy City fans an illusion. If the thunder is a paper tiger, Oklahoma “fried king” is bluffing. Just the next 5 games, thunder II less his outstanding talent, to tell the Spurs, not only we are the future, is now our. No fancy what pure genius rolled diabolic tricks and wicked craft. Compared with the union of personal ability and ranked the top three Durant, Leonard, after all, still be inferior to some; and Aldridge after rolling Ibaka two, then the game and into the style of partial soft and tackling ability is insufficient, a vicious circle. That today’s World War I, when the Spurs opening will be thunder ringing off the hook, 40 year old Duncan had to personally stand out, leading both offense and defense. When Duncan spelled a life old scored 19 points and five rebounds. When you see the Spurs sounded the horn counterattack, Duncan was Ibaka slap fan down, will have a feeling huangrugeshi? Not old legend, after all, only a fairy tale. Historically, 67 wins over the team, only the past 1972-73 season, the Celtics failed to reach the finals. The season with the Celtics, winning 68 games, but in the East will in 7 game match, losing to Nicks. 67 regular season wins, team history the strongest spurs in the Western Conference semifinals screeching halt


What are they waiting for this summer? Is to continue to reinforcement or reconstruction big? Like Duncan, Kobe for the sixth crown to win the individual, but also has an unusual dedication. Only, he probably can not achieve such a desire. Author: LEON