The number of [NBA] delivery: “OK combination guns as toronto”

NBA today, ending a G4 confrontation in the Eastern Conference finals, the Raptors to keep winning, now they and the knight into the 2-2, with the view of what is worth attention data record Raptors guns such as the “OK combination” Raptors 105-99 beat the Cavaliers, Lori, Derozan with the large part of the force. Lori campaign 20 voted 14, 35 points under the bomb. DeRozan 23 voted 14, 32 points. In the past 10 years, only another pair of teammates in a playoff game scoring 30 points, while shooting at least 6 into the rate of. They pierce (38 points, 19 throw in 14), Ray Allen (32 points, 18 voted 11), they are to do in 2011 the Celtics beat the Knicks game. However, if placed in the district final, or NBA finals, only two other teammates to be able to win in a game to do the above performance


A pair is Kobe Bryant (36 points, 23 investment and 14) and Shaquille O’Neal (35 points, 19 and 12), they are in 2002 on behalf of the Lakers against New Jersey finals G3 in the. Another pair of investment and 16) and Dan Majerle Buckley (43 points, 22 (34 points, 17 and 12), they are in the 1993 Western Conference finals on behalf of the sun to supersonic G5 do. Author: Qiao Tete