[NBA] Miami officially entered the Memphis meritorious service assistant

Beijing time on May 30th, the Grizzlies officially announced, the team hired David fize DELL as a manager. When said he has the opportunity to coach the Grizzlies team, Fitz Dell looking forward, he said: “came to Memphis, I feel very excited, and I look forward to and these full of talented players do a career, in my career, I had the privilege of working with some the best coaches and players worked, I have already prepared to accept challenges


I chose here, not only because there is a culture of winning, but also to win more things. For the Memphis people to take the first championship parade. I’m glad to Pella (Grizzlies owner), Wallace (General Manager) and a team that I am a fit and proper person to lead the team and I want to thank their trust to me and give me this opportunity. ” , 41 year old Fitz Dell is very young coach in the NBA, he had in the NCAA served as assistant, and in the NBA, he in the warriors, the eagle and the Miami Heat had a total of 13 years of teaching experience. From the beginning of 2008, he has served as assistant heat, during which he helped Miami completed two consecutive. What is worth mentioning is that LeBron has to Fitz Dell had very high evaluation, think that his future will be as a team in the NBA coach. Although Fez Dell had never in the NBA as a manager, but in 2010 and 2012, he had twice served as Miami summer league team coach. For the new coach, grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace lavishes praise words, he said: “we very much welcome Faiz Dale to come to Memphis, in after a series of complex Xuanshuai process in many very good coach and communicate, we choose the Fitz Dell, we believe he is the right person. He has achieved great achievement and honor, and demonstrated leadership in player development, and his treatment between the player and the relationship between ability and that’s what makes him become the Grizzlies selected his reasons. The team will continue to move forward, based on the success of the previous few years, the establishment of a team to continue the success of the team.” Although the Grizzlies officials did not disclose the details of the contracting parties, but according to Yahoo! Sports famous reporter Werner Rawski earlier revealed, Fitz Dell with the Grizzlies signed is a period of four years of the contract, and the fourth year is the Grizzlies team option. Author: Mu Zili