[NBA] cannot hold a leg! Green: non deliberately kicked Irwin

Green’s legs were fucked up! First game finals from first quarter end left 2 minutes, green in the right ribs curry set cover, tangled up in the recovery of anti Irwin, when Thompson can only be saved to delay and rushed to rotations curry and Irwin in place around the green, the former defense. Two people when a card is a physical contact, green lost his balance and fell to the ground, but in the body and parallel to the ground instantly, his right leg have a whole movement is extremely uncoordinated rise, kicked the Irwin’s chest. This action and before green Adams kicking action almost exactly the same, can be used “laws of physics” or “balanced” to explain. If carefully observed Green’s previous video game, you will find this action, Green has become a standard. Whether it is standing out of balance, or about to fall, a lot of time, he is willing to put one leg (mostly right leg) out to maintain balance. However, because there is a criminal record, so this action is now easy to be analyzed by the spectator under the microscope. In the post match press conference, in the face of a reporter’s question, Green replied: “convergence of what? Do you think I want to play Kerry? If I am aware of these things, I will not do (of a leg)


” But users apparently do not buy it, a netizen said: “two times, three times to fool us, please.” There are users disdain to argue: “seeing is better than a thousand words.” So the party is how to evaluate it? Today earlier Irwin accepted reporter’s interview, when it comes to think green is intentional, he said: “no, I to this thing did not want to too much. Fact is the fact. I pushed him away, he fell, and then happened to kick me.” The San Jose Mercury News commented: “in the Western Conference finals, green, who kicked thunder Adams groin, if he didn’t chatter on the matter, G1 of the finals, the action will not be found there.” The bay area local media, “Daily” is to evaluate mercury. Indeed, it is green in the crotch burst after the event to make those feeble excuse, let people feel he had no remorse, but in trying to hide something. Some of these actions have been out before stir, eventually, we are staring at his legs. Now, Green’s legs and really became a small topic. Author: Small Red Army