[NBA] rockets playoff 26 plate beast you made it out

NBA today and the battle of the Eastern Conference finals, back home, the Raptors pulled a city, below to see which is concerned with the data record — billon Bo ruled the backboard Bi Yongbo today robbed 26 rebounds to help the Raptors 99-84 won the G3. Since 1984, in addition to Bo billon is only Dwight Howard, Hakeem Olajuwon had in a playoff game with a single field grabbed so much of the rebound


Howard is the first round of the playoffs last year, when the Mavericks for the Rockets contribution to this performance, and the dream is in 1988 also represents the Rockets in the first round games against Dallas had a single field 26 rebounds. Bi Yongbo only 23 years old, he is since Moses Malone (the same is true for the Rockets, in 1977 the Wizards game 26 rebounds, was only 22 years old), no older than 24 year old player, single playoff game most. Irwin, Irwin Knights feel bad today only 19 of the 3 sports investment game, shooting only 15.8%. The last one in a playoff game shot at least 15 times, while shooting less than 16% of the players is Lebron. Time is in 2008, when he was in the knight’s effect, in the second round of the Celtics in the G1 in his 18 shot only, the hit rate of only 11.1%. In addition to Irwin, two other knights of the first players shooting nor 20 per cent, respectively Loew, Thompson. The former 9 voted 1, the latter 1 voted 0. Three starters in a playoff game shooting rate is equal to 2 or less than 2% or 2012 things and heat the second wheel Pacers game, Wade, Shane Battier, pitman is the three players on a team. Author: Qiao Tete