[NBA] Russell wasn’t sure if it could be with Yang Hehao

May 11 reported: by the end of March this year, the Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell broke the video incident within the union caused an uproar, events of the two parties Russell and Nick – Poplar time also pushed to the cusp


After more than a month, Russell recently on the road encounter the American media gossip TMZ, the purple army teenager once again asked the topics related to video door, this Russell said. He is not sure whether can and Nick – Poplar restore to friendship. In an interview with TMZ reporters, Russell said that he has to look forward, and when asked about their future and Nick – Poplar restore friendship topic, Russell bluntly: “I don’t know, only time can tell you, it is.” The so-called video incident, refers to is this year by the end of March Russell and teammate Nick – Poplar a private conversation video was exposed, Nick – Poplar in the absence of conscious being video, to Russell overall the he’s been having an affair with another woman the truth. In this video of Russell, he first asked: “you are 30 years old, she is 19 years old?” Russell and her mouth, which is with Nick Young in nightclubs and met the woman. Since Russell was also asked about the relationship with a man named Nick Young Woman – Ross arbor. The premise of this happens, happens in Nick Yang knew each other in the video case. After the incident was exposed, within the union caused an uproar, a lot of legend, the coaches, the players are the parties Russell claim that sell side unforgivable. And when he was the Lakers coach Scott – Byron when talking about this incident, it is said that this thing to make Russell become more mature. And well-known, Nick – poplar has with Australia’s famous singer Iggy – Azeri Leah engagement, Azeri Leah in that video incident also responded to: “Hmmm, I saw Russell now became a popular figure. I really like his video. Thank you for your brother.” Thereafter, according to U. S. media reports, Leah Arce ultimately choose to forgive Nick – poplar, the feelings of the two of them did not because of the incident by a huge impact. Video door after the incident, Russell also expressed regret, and said he never wanted to deliberately hurt others. As for the future of his relationship with Nick Young will become what, he can not give an accurate answer. Author: Mu Zili