[NBA] wave handsome anger praise KD: he has been strong enough to describe

Beijing time in May 9th, the Spurs on the road to 97-111 lost to thunder, the total score of the series was pulled into 2-2 flat. Kevin Durant ushered in the outbreak, scored 41 points for the team to win. He is a man in the distal scored 17 points, even more than the Spurs team score. The Spurs play is also quite insane, Leonard and A De’s shooting rate of not more than 50%, the team only sent 12 assists, and Duncan is no shot and no score. After the game, coach Adu Popovich’s super ability to score is also a feeling again and again, he said: you have to praise him, he is too powerful. I don’t even know how to judge him. He’s just awesome.” Freddy Adu become over the past 11 years, third place in the playoffs against the Spurs cut 40 players, two previous are Stephen curry (44 points) and his teammate Wes (40 points). Wave handsome also said that the Spurs’ problems also appear in the protection of the rebound. In the fourth quarter, the thunder and the Spurs to the rebound than 15-6, thunder grabbed 5 offensive rebounds, the Spurs will naturally fall into a disadvantage. “They’re tougher than we are, and they’re fighting for the rebound.” Wave handsome say. Adriano in the locker room in an interview said that he in the fourth quarter was indeed limiting opponents was difficult to get used to the release point, he said: “this is the match situation changes, I met this situation there is no way, but I can still find the position you want.” Leonard in the distal is 5 0 vote, his left leg was once Kanter injured, but he said injury is not serious, you can insist to come down. Walters said thunder in the defensive Leonard “don’t let him get shots, must let him feel the body contact, but Leonard did not care, he said:” this is the playoffs, everyone has a physical contact. ” Dior believes that the reason for the Spurs lost because the quality of the defense is not good enough

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“The next game, the defense will be our top priority.” Parke also said: “we respect the thunder, now we tie, the next G5 will be very important. We will never let down.” Author: Kewell