[NBA] Huo Ford position: this summer is willing to renew the team

Beijing time in May 9th, the eagle at home 99-100 lost to the knight, was swept out of the opponent. Eagle in the Eastern Conference finals last season was swept by the knight, this year is still unable to win the next game. After the game, coach budenholzer also praised the knight in a strong performance in this round of the series, said: “we have enormous respect for tyronn Lue and whole Cavaliers and also to express their congratulations.” At the same time, he also said: “naturally, I do not say, I am proud of our team, I love this team. We try to stop the opponent in the offensive end of the performance, the players have been trying to do a good job in the implementation of the tactics.” Although the hawks in the summer also face a variable, Horford, baze Moore contract will end, but several chief or are to the team loyalty. When he was asked if he was willing to renew his contract, he said, “yes.” Millsap also said: “I love our team, if we can stay, I believe the team will continue to grow.” He felt sorry for being swept again, he said: “we are too want to beat this team, we have been very upset last year.” At the end of the game, the key breakthrough of Millsap almost capping off Lebron, but the ball was blowing up interference. After the game, he still insisted that this cap is not illegal, but the outcome has been set, he also have no way, but he said: “I may be in the summer of this obsession”

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He also praised the tenacity of the Knight: “when a team has that confidence, it’s really hard to stop them.” Millsap also said that the rider’s outside shooting is too exaggerated, Baltzer Moore also said with emotion: Loew feel too good tonight, we put him to vote, he really into the.” Author: Kewell