[NBA][chin]: catch Curitiba Kaidan back to Mars?

Wen / Qiao Tete in the summer of 1989, the first time I saw Sonya – Ms. Adams. She was wearing a vintage dress, a healthy wheat color shining in the sun, emitting a a Creole unique beauty. She is in your own backyard, cleaning the lawn, carrying a tap root tube sprayed around, sprinkling spray passing me, I poured body fully. She smiled and smiled as the British actress Newton Sandy 10 years later. After a while, she came into the house, pushed a baby car out, which lay a little boy. He sees with bright big eyes, far behind me, looked quiet, as if we take it leisurely and unoppressively has been recognized for many years. This is the first time I saw Stephen – curitiba. 1 do not know why, the child looks like malnutrition. He was much thinner than the boys of the same age, and he was not tall. High school that year, Curitiba only grows to 5 feet 8, weighing only 150 pounds. Each one of the normal code of the shirt in his body is very funny, sometimes he ran away from you, you just like to see an active clothes hanger. But he has a cute face, which makes it easy to love him

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From Ohio, Sherlock moved to Akron, a library quickly into the community. I rarely see the male master at home, I heard that he is a professional athlete, in particular, is a basketball player. They play games all day, so it’s hard for you to see him. To be honest, I was just a noun, a ball shaped object, at the start of my basketball. After understanding curry a, the cognitive soon from the spherical objects “upgraded to” game “some people fighting for a spherical object. Although I am not very interested in it, but in the past to learn the knowledge to tell me, basketball is an important chapter in the history of human civilization, I have to understand the need for it. Curitiba, the usual hobby is simple: basketball, baseball, film. He is a movie fan, I sneaked into a his home, visited his the Blu ray collection, but let me down, his taste is very bad, he should like “excrement fart” film, and the first memory “,” the Princess Diaries “this kind of love little fresh, madly in love with Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, the two silly big sister. I think he is probably a bit of Oedipus complex, it is destined to be a husband. However, Besson Luc’s “fifth elements” is not bad, although Jovovich Mira’s clothing is far beyond my understanding of the category. Basketball, you hardly curry is a talent, talent or not. From the physical condition, his inborn is not developed, look not to come out his inheritance to the father or mother of the movement of genes (Sonya is a university volleyball star). He didn’t even look like their couple, and his brother and sister didn’t look like that. But despite the skinny, but I think curry may have the boy playing basketball in the Charlotte area most sharp shooting touch. This is an important reason why he can stand on the ground that is full of tall boys. Every day, he’s going to shoot at least 1000 shots. There is a saying: if not in the library on the way to the shooting, shooting. The words come back, 5 feet 8 of the height, 150 pounds of weight, if you can not shoot, then what can you do? 2 curry a home in the community is very popular, they are devout Christians, have “no” Bible “will not be able to live” the ultimate belief, it’s easy to win people’s respect. In addition to the opposite of the crazy old man, Mr. Pynchon, after all, he thought that no one can say. Sometimes he will call to the curry house, to sangya complained to her two sons to play too late,, bang, bang, bang, bang bang, bang bang bang one after another, affecting the quality of his sleep. This is pure nonsense. I know this old man all day at home with those out of order of the universe of science, often through the night without sleep. As a retired scientist, Mr. Pynchon always like to spread some appalling personal conclusion, one of the most famous is what he said the ozone layer is thin like potato chips, one day we all wake up people will find, the rays of the sun has penetrated the whole earth, burn hundreds of millions of a hole in the surface. Or, we can not wait for this day to come, because before this happens, the earth has long been occupied by aliens, human beings have perished. I don’t know Mr. Pynchon specifically how old, perhaps 70, maybe 80, age is always very difficult to discern, like curry looks are always only 10 years old. No matter how people die, I am interested in this strange old man only his beautiful botanical garden, I can slip into play all day. Mr. Pynchon never seen playing pool, children play he never arrived at the scene, perhaps his abhorrence of basketball. Each received his complaint, sangya will bake delicious muffin, pumpkin pie, and some I do not call out something, let the library sent in the past. This is a kind of bribery. But I suspect that these things may be too good to eat, Mr. Pynchon’s complaints never stopped. One day, he even telephoned the immigration office, I have to worry about a curry. Sonya’s ancestors is Creole, her blood is complex may a little Indian ingredients, may also be a Caribbean island nation minority. In addition she has Haitian gene. Maybe she’s an illegal immigrant. Fortunately, nothing happened, the immigration of people never appeared, Mr. Lian Pinqin’s complaint also inexplicable less down. 3 although all local residents are aware, Sonya’s eldest son can from one block to throw the ball into the basket of your house, but in fact, his shooting exist some limitations. Because it is too thin, curry even normal shooting strength did not have, which leads to he cannot be holding the ball over his head and hand, and his shooting is different from all children — shot point is very low, almost in parts of the ribs began to push shot, much like the traditional women’s basketball. One day, DELL curry team holiday, he returned home, father and son two people practiced one afternoon in the backyard. I heard that Stephen was built very miserable. From that day on, when Dad realized, son cited thought proud of the shot will be the near future he in the University League mishap. In order to prevent the occurrence of all this, Stephen – Curitiba had to change his way of shooting. Immediately. That summer, Curitiba, the eldest son had the struggle of his young life in a period of time. He is invincible shot became his weakness, that he cannot understand, cannot accept more. After all, he is still able to cut points in all high schools, still able to throw the ball from far away, still able to win the game, why do you want to change? Few months, he was his mom and Dad, brother, sister, turns oversees, multi angle, the rhythm of crazy shots. Sometimes I’ll run to see him, but you can’t stay 5 minutes, it’s so boring. Curitiba tears ball shot. Then the ball, and then shot. All the balls in the transformation of the throwing position after all no longer like before like that obedient, they have from every angle off the rim. Tears fall down. Curry to the ball, shot. Then the ball, and then shot. Start, all people are to encourage him. Gradually, a few hours, days, weeks later, all silent not language, the whole world seemed to go round and round continuous cycle machine general solidification in the backyard hot house. In the repeated a thousand times boring round trip, I see his pride accompanied by pain, humiliation, and refused to accept a crushed. But is funny in practicing as many shot after, curry also can’t let himself into the Duke, north card, Wake Forest these local schools even Virginia Polytechnic also indifferent to him. I have to say, DELL curry was mixed too failed. In the end Stephen had to carry a bed of his grandmother to prepare for the three color quilts ran Davidson College nearby. Oh, poor child. I hope he won’t crash. 4 “only in the university career second games, Stephen curry will shine bright light. At the University of Michigan, he scored 32 points.” — Davidson College in the Charlotte Observer from the very close, observer and local television stations have report column, so you can easily will be able to understand the manifestations of college library. That season, curry broke the single season three ball hit record history the first grade students. He’s got the rookie of the year in the south of the partition and the MVP. He also helped Davidson to the national championships. Although the first game was eliminated, but curry off 30 points. By two, the ability to score more and more terrorist curitiba. He in the Kia against Appalachian State cut by 38 points, hit chart University of Chattanooga and blasted 37 points, and UNC Gelinsiboluo. They are curry abuse 41 points. The neighbors talk about him like a son. Just at that time we still do not know, the son of Charlotte shortly before boarding on the altar, to become the golden boy of the hearts of the people of the United States. From March 22, 2008, to March 31, 2008, 10 days time, Gonzaga University, Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin, University of Kansas: Davidson College in the NCAA Tournament war four opponents, curry, respectively in them cut 40 points, 30 points, 33 points, 25 points. 160 minutes, 128 points. The whole Sherlock’s gone mad. I slipped into the bar, in the racket, I looked at the head of the TV screen in Curitiba hit a three ball. All the neighbors I know, I don’t know, everyone laughs, the air is a splash of beer, no one wants to escape. Spring, curry turns to acceptance CNN, CBS, NBC’s various interviews, and become Wu Deng award national player of the year’s final competitors; summer, curry was invited to attend the ESPY awards, competing for the annual best breakthrough athlete honors, ESPN, the Sports Illustrated “everywhere is his special and close. He became the history of Davidson College first created the nation sensation, is the TV media, talk show, blog, video website crazy reported and discussed. Cause sports craze and star effect of the players. I counted, that summer, “the Sherlock observer,” the “sensation of the United States,” “the phenomenon of” the two terms of the repeated reuse of at least 52 times. No way, they hope. 5 in the NBA library is a good way to start, the first season, he even have the opportunity to impact rookie of the year award. But then he started to hurt. The 2010-11 season, curry played 74 games in the regular season, but I from Sonya and neighbors chat heard, curry’s right ankle has three sprains seriously. This is actually quite puzzling, Curitiba college unused ankle injury. On May, curry returned to Sherlock from San Francisco, I heard that he is ready to accept surgery. He is the surgeon