[NBA] harden and less Du about rice recruitment campaign

The Houston Rockets this season is not ideal, although reached the playoffs but they early was the elimination of the Golden State Warriors. As a warning for the future Rockets team boss James harden decided to find a more powerful partner in this offseason. Recently, harden and his good friend appeared together in a small restaurant party, also have American friends in social media: and the two stars photo according to, provoked infinite guess. The Oklahoma City Thunder, led by Durant, was beaten by the warriors in the playoffs. As is known to all, Durant will be the biggest player in the free market this summer. Coalition hopes to pursue Durant’s team has more than two digits. Which includes Harden’s rockets. Harden had made it clear that he will try to recruit Durant. When accepting media to interview, harden said Durant is in my mind the most important free agent, he is not suitable for the Spurs, because they have the Leonard. And after a clear statement, Harden is also quickly launched an action. Recently, the two stars will go to a restaurant together to sell fried chicken muffin. Their presence, triggered a crowd of people, and they also took a photo with all the people. Harden grew up in Oklahoma City, he and Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook thunder three less “combination once headed into the NBA finals. Although the final regret lost to LeBron James of the Miami Heat, but this is the pinnacle of Durant and harden career. After leaving the thunder harden, they never be able to reach the finals. Personal relationship harden and Durant very good. Despite leaving the thunder they will often meet together to go out to eat and play. This relationship is obviously going to play a very important role in recruiting Durant. You know, when Wade on the use of themselves and LeBron James of friendship, and managed to persuade LeBron James left Cleveland Cavaliers who defected. Heat three giants have ruled the East for many years


Although many teams have expressed interest in Durant, but the real contact is not much. Now, in addition to Durant harden started recruiting by private relations. The Boston Celtics were in contact with the people around Durant. It is understood that Durant around and even out of the standard to join. And the Celtics are the current headed star Thomas – Isaiah has also made it clear that he is willing to do anything for Durant to join. Author: Hu Hu


[NBA] G1 is doubtful Boggarts Western Conference finals

According to the San Francisco Chronicle “, Golden State Warriors starting center Andrew Bogut after the injury for the first time to participate in the team’s training. But he is still not sure whether he will play in the Western Conference finals against Oklahoma City Thunder series of the first game. It is in the game with the Blazers series G5 in the last 3 minutes 59 seconds when the right leg adductor injury and out of the race. When he in the first half only played 9 minutes, 5 times shot hitting the ball 2, produce transcripts of 4 points, 4 rebounds, limped off after, the game Andrew Bogut and have never returned. Berg has been absent from the team for two consecutive days. But he was involved in the team’s mild training session on Sunday. Warriors coach Cole said: “before the game, we have to according to his warm up situation, so as to decide whether to let him play the game. I would like to say that today his situation is satisfactory, he has been able to stand on the field, the physical condition has not been reversed.” Two rounds before the playoffs, boggarts averaged for the warriors with 5.1 points and 7 rebounds and 1.8 blocked shots. The thunder team with Adams and Kanter two young inside. Their rebounding ability of leading the league. In a game against the San Antonio Spurs, Adams and Canterbury the twin towers of the stellar play to the very important role. Therefore, it is very important in this series will be against the thunder. The Warriors team headed star Stephen curry said: “he looks very lively, there is no problem with his activities, he can do all kinds of action in training


Hope he will be ready for the game, and for the team to contribute their own everything.” Currie added: “we need to he rushed in the front, for our guarding the paint area, we need him standing there.” If the Boggart could not play in the series opener, Yizeli is expected to replace him first, and Si Betts and Anderson Varejao can also share some playing time. During the conventional Saibh Gert injury, izeli at the center position is playing very well. During the regular season, izeli averaged 7 points and 5.6 rebounds for the warriors. In addition, when the warriors discharged their own small lineup, star power forward Green – Drummond also mentioned the number five. Cole said: “we have many players who can play in the fifth place, but the thunder team may is the league is the largest, most powerful team, so we need a Boggart. We need it to stand up, but if he is not playing, we have to trust other people.” Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] LOGO three Curitiba kneel! Thunder step 8 points 5

Familiar with the rules of the library warm-up friends should know that an ultra far three point shooting is one of the routine project. Today, his warm-up performance and guards. ESPN reporter McMahon in the side of the court sent this report, curry today’s ultra far three practice feel extreme heat, he stepped on the thunder logo shot a total of 8 cast 5 in. The distance between three point shots and hands control double ball, is the warm-up repertoire curry. In the western finals first before, he is in a circle near 5 shots. Although the game three from 14 in 6 Curitiba, the condition is good, but not enough to let the warriors win the game. There are many netizens pointed out that every library warm-up hot hand, to the game but won’t stay down, this seems to have become the ominous


Curry in the regular season this year, have been the thunder in the distance lore, so he today outside the three-point line exactly how it will, we still have to wait until after the start of the game to learn the. Author: Ouyang

[NBA] Wade naked ESPN magazine to talk about fitness: feel the state back to the age of 28

June 22nd reports: Recently, Miami guard Dwayne Wade nude boarded the ESPN magazine body version. In an interview, he also spoke at the age of 34, to maintain the physical condition and difficult topic. Wade said: “when I was a child, I was never willing to take off my coat in the swimming pool, because my belly button is out, which makes me very psychological shadow, I feel that it is not the same with others. Even when I was in high school, I do not love swimming lessons, I feel my feet and belly are ugly.” “About 4 years ago, I was really overcome, and I felt like my body was OK. The more experience you have in your life, the more it will be. People think this is very simple, but for me, even if only two people at home with his wife, I would be difficult to walk around naked.” He said, not to mention the face of so many people to shoot nude photos.” “I’ve been training very hard all the time. Now I am 34 years old, and I am sure it is much more difficult than I was at the age of 21. But I want to see the results after the training, even if it is to invest a lot of time. Can still play at the age of 34, it was great for me.” “I love the thin body, let the muscles show low body fat content to it, because I am easy to get fat. I think in the bottom of my heart, I was a fat boy, when I eat, really is very not pick, hamburgers, French fries, soda water or something, so it is easy to get fat, is also very easy to slim down. He said. “As a player, every part of your body will be strain, if not properly handling these problems, sooner or later break out. I have been affected by the toe injury this year, and my toes can’t bend. My fingers are dislocations. I’ve had a concussion, a back cramps…… See everything. The worst time, it should be 2007 shoulder tear after the surgery, during that time I also did a knee surgery, I left the whole body is wasted, it is very difficult


Sometimes you really want to give up, but still have to use positive ideas to motivate yourself.” “From 2012 to 2014 it should be very difficult, I feel that the body has betrayed me, the knee is very painful, do a movement are affected. Sometimes I even think, what have I done wrong to deserve this kind of crime? At that time, every day in doubt. But this season, I feel like I’m back in my 28 years old, and sometimes I’m surprised to do some tricks.” “I’ve never thought my life would last for so long, and I thought my body would give up before my will. But now, I haven’t come to that time, I believe I have a lot of good time.” He said. Author: Kewell

[NBA] Lori suddenly no solution to Miami restless

In the just concluded a doomed will create history battle to grab 7 in. The Raptors play at home to 116-89 the score of win the game. Raptors headed point guard Kyle Lowry played 41 minutes time, 20 voted 11, one-third of the ball 7 throws 5 35 points, seven rebounds and nine assists in the data. Opening match, Lori’s feel is not good, he sanfenxianwai test blacksmith, and after the break layup in interference is also failed to put the ball into the basket. But Lori still played with energy, first section 9 minutes and 14 seconds, Lori launched fast break, help Carol layup, and after 20 seconds, he steals the Wade’s pass again rapid advances into offensive quarterback Derozan ball to plug in, help the latter again easily get 2 points. In the second quarter, Lori still rarely choose holding singles, even if the breakthrough to the basket will usually to attract defensive team out assists, but in the second quarter at the end, facing the basket contraction of the Miami defense, Lori surprise twice hit the after body is divided into three, help Raptors score 53-47 to end in the first half of the game. In G6 game, control guard Lori 27 shots scored 36 points, but only for his teammates sent the three assists. The losing team. And the game, Lori apparently changed the way he plays, he will more attention concentrated in the attack, and on a personal attack, Lori retained his shot outside the three-point line. The beginning of the second half, Lori is outside the three-point line earned Dragic a defensive foul, and then he wore defending Wade hit the stem pulling three points. Lori fiery three break feeling so that the heat had to expand the scope of defense, in this case, his break points and repeatedly sent to his teammates nanny assists. In the middle of the third quarter, Lori twice in a row face Wade defense breakthrough success, after the ball to the Bo billon, first billon Bo caused a defensive foul, and the second is direct violent hands deduction success, hit into 2 + 1. After this, Lori had also got the ball forward, staged a step the Miami Heat left behind layup signs in the four defensive players. At the strategic level, the Raptors have let the heat feel rumangzaibei, and Lori is Raptors sharpest that one. With three quarters built up the advantages of raptors no to any counter ultra opportunity, until the final win the victory in the war seven the looting. Previously questioned Lori finally led the Raptors for the first time reached the finals

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Author: Zhao Buchuan

[NBA] really angry! Called the referee after trounces made curry 6 + career braces was the first one

NBA Finals G6 played very fierce, section 4 of 4 minutes and 25 seconds or so, curry in a steals get yourself the sixth foul, angry that he direct throw braces, and called the referee. The conflict occurred in Thompson penalty executed, curry to off the ball, he has five fouls in the body, the result was the referee has blown the 6 prisoners, curry can not accept the whistled, throw the braces, just throw on the bench for the knight, then arguing with the referee. Eventually, curry was ejected


He couldn’t on the sidelines stay. However, in the end, he was thrown in to Curitiba braces fans apologized, the two sides hold hands. This is the first time the library occupation career was ejected. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] why should learn Jordan U.S. media: Lebron Third Battle performance slightly better than MJ

Fox Sports reported, 0-2, LeBron James in the finals for the third war cut 32 points and 11 rebounds and six assists, 1 steals 2 shots, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to 120-90 got the victory over the Golden State Warriors. Lebron is also using action to prove: I just need to play my game, do not need to learn Jordan.” Two games in the finals, the Cavaliers encounter warriors slap in the face, two games down lost a total of 48 points, the creation of the finals two net negative record. Lebron in these two games is still comprehensive, but obviously not good enough. Legendary coach, the New York Knicks team president Phil – Jackson said that LeBron has been are doing a team player, but I think he needs to break through this role, like Michael Jordan in 1993 the Eastern Conference finals. Taking into account Lebron has always been like magic, Johnson, like the play, mainly in trying to create opportunities for his teammates. But, in an emergency, he really should have taken his own score to take over the game like Jordan did. Jackson’s this speech is no problem, is nothing but hope LeBron can like Jordan play godlike, reverse the unfavorable situation. However, Lebron did not think it necessary to learn Jordan, just do their own. Of course, Lebron did it. In the case of 0-2 behind, Lebron scored 32 points and 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 steals and 2 blocks. And in 1993 the Eastern Conference finals, Jordan in the face of the New York Knicks in the two front war is also behind 0-2, third game Jordan got 22 points and eight rebounds, 11 assists two steals and 2 blocks. From the data point of view, Lebron’s third war performance seems to be slightly better than Jordan. Of course, the Chicago bulls as well as the Cavaliers won a Yuanmin victory


And when the Chicago Bulls, the Cavs in Game 4 to their team leaders continue to hit the “hero ball”. In 1993 the Eastern Conference finals against the New York Knicks Game 4, called one of the greatest games of Jordan’s career. In that game, Jordan scored 54 points and 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 blocks. Taking into account the competitive status of Lebron in recent years has declined, he had only one game in the past five seasons to get a score of 50+. It goes back to the 2014 game against Sherlock. So, Lebron want to play Jordan’s performance in the game, the difficulty is too big. Author: Hu Hu