[NBA] rookie Simmons Hilde topped the odds: second en seventh Bede

June 28th: according to CBS reports, Las Vegas, a well-known Gambling company Bovada has opened the 2016-17 season NBA rookie odds. Shinco Zhuangyuanlang Ben Simmons with 4 / 13 first. And the rookie of the year in the best striker Hilde to 2 lost 11 ranked second, the Losangeles Lakers’ Ingram Brandon to 2 lost 13 ranked third. In addition, is expected to usher in the first show of the potential of personal career, Nebid, 1 compensation 14 ranked seventh

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Lose lose lose lose lose lose lose lose lose here are the rookie specific odds: the Simmons (4 13), buddy – Hilde (2 11), Brandon – Ingram (2 13), Chris Dunn (2 lose 15), Jamal Murray (1 12), Denzel Valentine (1 lost 12), en bide (1 14), Dwyane Wade – Baldwin (1 16), Chris (1 16), Thorne – Mei grams (1 16), Prince (1 compensate 16), Dragan bender (1 compensate 20), Jay – Brown (1 lost 20), Bryce Johnson (1 20). The Simmons will appear at the top of the table is not surprising, because he in the Philadelphia 76ers team will get a lot of playing time, and is likely to be immediately appear in the starting line-up. Given the current lineup of 76 people, they will be very dependent on Simmons. Simmons, who is known for his all-round ability in college, is expected to play very good data in his career as a rookie in his career. Hilde was selected by the New Orleans pelicans team, if Gordon and Anderson are’s departure, he will be in his rookie season to get more playing time. Hilde in the university to show a good projection feel and the ability to score terror. In the absence of the projection of the pelican, he is expected to be reused. For Ingram, as Bryant Kobe’s retirement, it is likely that Ingram was set to become the team’s core in the first day of joining the Lakers. But the Lakers also have a Russell, Clarkson and Randall, etc. potential newcomers, they need to balance out the right hand. The Boston Celtics in the first round of the three Shun drafted Jay brown, which in the draft is a little upset. So at that time the media generally predict that they will choose Dunn – Chris. Taking into account the Celtics have Thomas – Isaiah, Bradley and Smart, Brown in the rookie season won the opportunity to not too much, so he also ranked thirteenth in the list. In addition, a series of injuries claimed two season embid Germany is likely to complete the debut in the 2016-17 season. From the point of view, the Gambling company for the talent of the amazing inside players still more confident. Author: Hu Hu