[NBA] why should learn Jordan U.S. media: Lebron Third Battle performance slightly better than MJ

Fox Sports reported, 0-2, LeBron James in the finals for the third war cut 32 points and 11 rebounds and six assists, 1 steals 2 shots, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to 120-90 got the victory over the Golden State Warriors. Lebron is also using action to prove: I just need to play my game, do not need to learn Jordan.” Two games in the finals, the Cavaliers encounter warriors slap in the face, two games down lost a total of 48 points, the creation of the finals two net negative record. Lebron in these two games is still comprehensive, but obviously not good enough. Legendary coach, the New York Knicks team president Phil – Jackson said that LeBron has been are doing a team player, but I think he needs to break through this role, like Michael Jordan in 1993 the Eastern Conference finals. Taking into account Lebron has always been like magic, Johnson, like the play, mainly in trying to create opportunities for his teammates. But, in an emergency, he really should have taken his own score to take over the game like Jordan did. Jackson’s this speech is no problem, is nothing but hope LeBron can like Jordan play godlike, reverse the unfavorable situation. However, Lebron did not think it necessary to learn Jordan, just do their own. Of course, Lebron did it. In the case of 0-2 behind, Lebron scored 32 points and 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 steals and 2 blocks. And in 1993 the Eastern Conference finals, Jordan in the face of the New York Knicks in the two front war is also behind 0-2, third game Jordan got 22 points and eight rebounds, 11 assists two steals and 2 blocks. From the data point of view, Lebron’s third war performance seems to be slightly better than Jordan. Of course, the Chicago bulls as well as the Cavaliers won a Yuanmin victory


And when the Chicago Bulls, the Cavs in Game 4 to their team leaders continue to hit the “hero ball”. In 1993 the Eastern Conference finals against the New York Knicks Game 4, called one of the greatest games of Jordan’s career. In that game, Jordan scored 54 points and 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 blocks. Taking into account the competitive status of Lebron in recent years has declined, he had only one game in the past five seasons to get a score of 50+. It goes back to the 2014 game against Sherlock. So, Lebron want to play Jordan’s performance in the game, the difficulty is too big. Author: Hu Hu