[NBA]ESPN: Knight small lineup two were exploded 49 points

Beijing time on June 6th, the warriors in the second finals 110-77 victory over Cleveland, made a 2-0 lead. Count the regular season, the warriors have won 87 games in the season, tying the record to win the 1995-96 bulls season. This is Lebron since 2008 for the first time in the playoffs suffered 0-2 behind, and the knight in the finals of the record has fallen to 2 wins and 10 losses, the last season, they have suffered a defeat five. The key to determine the outcome of the game is Green – Drummond, he scored 28 points in the first 7 points, three rebounds and 5 assists, in the G2 he got 9 times without a mobile phone will be thrown into the 6 ball 15 points. Calculated on the first game, he was in the absence of confrontation in the case of a total of 17 cast 10, scored 25 points. Andre Iguodala in this game and blocked the LeBron, he has 17 rounds of James Wong, LeBron in this period of time is 3 cast 1 in only 2 points, 3 assists, also appeared in the three turnovers. Livingston and Leandro Barbosa in the second occasion cut 17 points, they in this series a total of 26 investment 21 and a 9 assists, with only one turnover. They put the ball with Loew and Irwin together as much, but Loew and Irwin, a total of 60 shots. Knights and warriors to play the ball, the result is also very failed, in the first game, their small lineup lost 26 points; the second field has lost 23 points. Knights in the second ball game for a longer time, once used Lebron to play center, but when Lebron played center, the knight than the warriors 11 points. In finals history, 0-2 behind can successful comeback team only in 1969, the Celtics, 1977 in Portland and in 2006 the heat. According to BPI’s ESPN data forecast, the champion of the total champion’s probability has been as high as 91%


Author: Kewell