[NBA]LBJ initiative back pot: I made too many mistakes

Beijing time on June 6th, knight defeated to the warriors in the 77-110 away, the big score 0-2 behind the opponent. In the two games, Knight at both ends of the offensive and defensive performance can be described as a mess entirely lost Eastern Conference playoffs playing the kind of dominance. After the game, the Knights coach tyronn Lue said: “they are more tough, more aggressive. When they played a small lineup, much faster than we are, we must find a way to deal with. They did what they were supposed to do: take two home games. We didn’t control the game.” “We had a good fight in the first quarter, but they still shot canthrow tough.” Lu said, we do not lose heart, more anger, we must be more tough line.” Loew in the game because he was playing, the emergence of a concussion, therefore forced to exit. Lu said: “I don’t even know what happened, but in the second half he had the symptoms of a concussion.” Lu said Loew into the daily watch list, can play third games depends on his recovery, but the problem is not a problem. Lebron also said in an interview: “Tonight we can be badly battered. We have to improve in every aspect of the performance, whether offensive or defensive, whether physical or mental attitude

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I had to play better.” When asked how the knight would ascend, Lebron added: “it’s hard for me to point out specific problems. Obviously, we don’t have much to do with the right tactics. Sometimes we seem to be slower than the opponent, and in the face of such a strong opponent, will pay the price.” Whenever Lebron looked at the technical order, he would shake his head, apparently not satisfied. “I also have a lot of low-level mistakes, I must correct it.” He said, “when we play badly, I always take responsibility.”.” Author: Kewell