[NBA] Wade naked ESPN magazine to talk about fitness: feel the state back to the age of 28

June 22nd reports: Recently, Miami guard Dwayne Wade nude boarded the ESPN magazine body version. In an interview, he also spoke at the age of 34, to maintain the physical condition and difficult topic. Wade said: “when I was a child, I was never willing to take off my coat in the swimming pool, because my belly button is out, which makes me very psychological shadow, I feel that it is not the same with others. Even when I was in high school, I do not love swimming lessons, I feel my feet and belly are ugly.” “About 4 years ago, I was really overcome, and I felt like my body was OK. The more experience you have in your life, the more it will be. People think this is very simple, but for me, even if only two people at home with his wife, I would be difficult to walk around naked.” He said, not to mention the face of so many people to shoot nude photos.” “I’ve been training very hard all the time. Now I am 34 years old, and I am sure it is much more difficult than I was at the age of 21. But I want to see the results after the training, even if it is to invest a lot of time. Can still play at the age of 34, it was great for me.” “I love the thin body, let the muscles show low body fat content to it, because I am easy to get fat. I think in the bottom of my heart, I was a fat boy, when I eat, really is very not pick, hamburgers, French fries, soda water or something, so it is easy to get fat, is also very easy to slim down. He said. “As a player, every part of your body will be strain, if not properly handling these problems, sooner or later break out. I have been affected by the toe injury this year, and my toes can’t bend. My fingers are dislocations. I’ve had a concussion, a back cramps…… See everything. The worst time, it should be 2007 shoulder tear after the surgery, during that time I also did a knee surgery, I left the whole body is wasted, it is very difficult


Sometimes you really want to give up, but still have to use positive ideas to motivate yourself.” “From 2012 to 2014 it should be very difficult, I feel that the body has betrayed me, the knee is very painful, do a movement are affected. Sometimes I even think, what have I done wrong to deserve this kind of crime? At that time, every day in doubt. But this season, I feel like I’m back in my 28 years old, and sometimes I’m surprised to do some tricks.” “I’ve never thought my life would last for so long, and I thought my body would give up before my will. But now, I haven’t come to that time, I believe I have a lot of good time.” He said. Author: Kewell