[NBA] will now “scourge” squid Liu knight? LBJ want to cry…

At present, the knights in the finals 2 to 0 behind the warriors. In the past two games, they can not find a way to limit the warriors and allow themselves to attack the way to pick up a lot of people predicted: Warriors will sweep the championship. The occasion is called “besieged on all sides, Liu squid well-known sports anchor Liu Yuxi to fill knife”. June 8th at 10 am, Liu Yuxi sent a micro-blog, content is: last night had a dream, the knight won the warriors 60 points…… The Duke is can’t work out this dream, you look at the solution.” This is a look, micro-blog can be deep fried pot. You know, the name of the squid Liu can not wave get. Before the world cup in South Africa, holding the red octopus Paul, because it is very accurate prediction. Similarly, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, also held the red a “squid” Liu and her popular reasons but also because of the non – “” quasi. Because she must be in the opposite direction, generally speaking, she supports who, who will hang on every war. In fact, before the world cup, she was the “outstanding military exploits”


At the beginning of 2013, she became the CCTV “NBA” female anchor, from then on, she went on to wear a shirt who does not belong to the wrong way. In the playoffs, where she represented the team’s shirt, generally impossible to acquire a peaceful end. 2014 finals, her ability to reach a peak, on June 6, the finals kicked off, she wore the James Wong number 6 Jersey, but the heat in the year brutally spurs hanging, lost the championship. Since then, she has been known for the reverse prediction properties. Now, she ran out of the knight 60 points victory over the forecast, it indicates that the mad Knight will lose 60 points? Although that has no scientific basis, but still lets a person inevitably for the knight was breathless with anxiety, after all, “character” “predict” such things, although xuanzhiyouxuan, but sometimes quasi terrible. There are users pain call: “the day of the knight ah.” There are friends laugh: Knight: I’m with you what the enemy of hatred.” There are fans with their predictions to say: “I play three points in the 15 dream warriors 1, the warriors won 33 points. (sigh look) “the knight will not be caught? We will wait and see. Author: Small Red Army


[NBA] Hassan does not give the heat any commitment: the best of their own more important than loyalty

June 27th report: 27 year old heat center Whiteside – Hassan is about to become a free agent, he attracted the attention of many teams, and some experts also believe that he has a chance to get a top salary contract. The heat will naturally renew Whiteside, the Lakers, Mavericks, pioneers and warriors are potential seekers. He also talked about his attitude to the free market, he said: “to be able to be more than a team chase, I feel very honored. In the past I take the initiative to contact the team, now the situation has finally gone, I am grateful to get this chance.” At the same time, Whiteside will not give the heat any commitment: “I do not want to be loyal to the problem, I just want to make the best choice for themselves. I did not say that the heat is not the best choice, the heat did not win the game, I just will consider a variety of options.” He did not narrow the range of options, he said: “to consider a variety of factors, whether it is a problem. It’s all a little bit like a wife. You can’t explain everything in a simple way, and what you like is her whole. So I’ll think about the problem and put everything together


” If you stay in the heat, Whiteside’s tactical status will continue to improve, especially in the case of Bosh Chris’s return to health. The heat in the summer with about 42 million of the salary space, in addition to John Whiteside, the management must renew Wade, the pressure is not small. President Pat Riley also said that although the Whiteside is the primary goal, but the heat is also considered a variety of possible, so they may chase Howard, Horford and Pau Gasol the inside connection player. Whiteside last season due to injury after the playoffs, but he do not need surgery in the offseason. He also hopes that he will be able to continue to move to the best defensive player in the future, he also hopes that the future of major decisions not so difficult. “Until the beginning of July 1st, I hope I have the answer, do not make a difficult choice.” He said. Author: Kewell

[NBA] won the MVP this week to determine the exposure of Curitiba Awards

ESPN reporter Marc Stein said, warriors guard Stephen curry will be the MVP of the league. This is his election for the second year in a row after for wound armistice in Curitiba, in this week was awarded this honor, he is likely to in the Portland series season, the fourth field comeback, and in the main field to receive this honor, the warrior and the development battle to big score 2-1. Has not yet announced a specific number of votes, the only suspense is: Curry will be unanimously elected? Recommended reading: Stephen Curry’s successful reelection this award, become a player in NBA history 13th at least twice winning the MVP award, also he was also a magician Johnson and Steve Nash, only won MVP point guard. Although in the playoffs this year due to injury, played only 2 games, but Stephen curry award can be said to be no suspense. Because he’s been a really good performance this season. He is a regular season scoring and steals, averaging 30.1 points and 5


4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals money. Curry’s player efficiency rating, contributed to the victory with value, true shooting rate are ranked first in the league, his shooting rate was 50.4%, three points hit rate was 45.4%, and the penalty kick hit rate was 90.8% is since Michael Jordan in 1992, the first averaged over 30, hit rate is over 50% of the guard. He also easily entered the “180 club””. At the same time Kuliben season total investment in 402 with three points, becoming the first single season three hits over 400 players. Last season he cast into 286 three points is a new record in the NBA, this season he is to increase the number to a staggering level. In February 28th the thunder game in the three ball 16 shots, tying the NBA single game three points hit record history. And he also voted in a row into a row of at least three to 10 points, becoming the first person in NBA. This is the reason why curry in the most improved player award in the fourth highest vote. Although he last season has reached the MVP level, but he is too much progress this season! Curry has become a historical first before the season MVP award, the next season but also in the fastest progress award ticket selected into the top 10 players. Of course, curry is not only excellent personal status. He also made warriors evolution as invincible. In the regular season made 73 wins and 9 negative record, breaking the 1995-96 bulls 72 wins record. Warriors in the season at the beginning, he won 24 straight NBA start record, and he makes his teammates better, even the Green said he could play such a comprehensive, thanks to the presence of curry. On the sidelines, curry’s influence is also growing, his merchandise in NBA online store sales surge 2.5 times, a record. And his jersey annual sales also dominate the United States 47 states, in popularity to catch up with Kobe, Lebron and Durant. Senior experts in the “Sports Illustrated” Lee Jenkins said: “NBA can completely during the all star in advance of the the award to library, in history never which MVP voting is so one-sided too.”