[NBA] Cole: never thought to splash against Cleveland: we are still leading to 2-1

After the G3 defeat to the Cleveland 90-120 defeat to the knights, the warriors coach Cole – Steve is still very calm, it is not surprising that when Cole is a player when he has this trait. “This is the playoffs,” Cole said. “(in a field after the defeat) many people view will change, but whether it is 14 hours ago or 16 hours ago (before and after), everything in stride forward towards the great, we are doing great things. Man, do you think the knight will be swept? It’s hard to see this, they are a great team, they suddenly changed the lineup and won a game.” In the first two games of the season the warriors a total of win the Knights 48 minutes after, promising warriors might sweep the knight is not less, but G3 warriors lost 30 points, that even some journalists by surprise. Obviously, Cole stood in a correct view of the outcome, and his disciples also expressed deep recognition. “You pay a lot, and also by the criticism,” clay Thompson said, the G3 he 13 shots 4 only got 10 points. “Want me to say, this is not a big deal, I will learn from the change of every game. We take the lead in 2-0, everything feels great, and then we lose a game, the world will not collapse.” Always never the first three games of the season, the warriors and knights respective defended the home, and the average outcome difference reached 26 points, in fact, this point can find data to support, the playoffs this season, the warriors in home record 11 wins and 1 negative, and the knight is 8 wins and 0 losses. Curry in the final performance is not satisfactory, his this season first consecutive three games scoring no more than 20 minutes, curry think Cavaliers fouls disrupted his rhythm, and three games in clay field scoring only 12 points. “The team is the best point is everyone very competitive,” Klein says, in the G1 warriors reserve group of excellent performance make it easy for them to win the game. “We are really sure that we will have a better performance.” “Now the score is 2-1,” curry said. “We’re still ahead of 2-1 and the story is not over yet.


” Author: Zhao Buchuan


[NBA]ESPN Name: Lebron or return to Miami

James go again? As a superstar in the 2016-2017 season with player options, his whereabouts are always caused by a number of people who are blind. Last week, ESPN named Smith Stephen in a file called “Take First” program, said that if Lebron led the knight to win this year, he is likely to leave the knight to the Lakers or the heat. This is sensational! Pro basketball talk (NBC TV) Dan Rumsfeld meal records under the Smith of parts of speech: “LeBron James promised knight, ‘began in 1964, the champion is far away from the the city. My back is in order to bring you to a long lost the championship. However, after winning the whereabouts, he never mentioned. “I was in Miami last week, and I was in Miami a few months ago. I heard a saying that if Lebron wins, he will return to Miami. If he loses his crown, he won’t go anywhere. But if he wins, his choice is open. Maybe the Lakers, but he’s most likely to go back to the heat. “Look, there’s a lot of content here. After the win, things may become whirling. But lost the crown is not the same, because the knight is still the same old (no champion).

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But more important is that it will hitch LeBron, because he knew, before that honor their commitments, he cannot go anywhere. If you because of the insufficient level of lead does not honor their commitments, and that’s just because you want to stay behind and choose to stay in a much worse. “This is going to be a very interesting thing, we’ll see.” In 2014, before LeBron close to signing with the knights, he passed the “Sports Illustrated” discloses a handwritten letter, he did not explicitly to the identity of the Cavaliers player retired. “No doubt, my goal is still as much as possible to win a championship,” LeBron in the letter said, “but the most important thing for me is to bring a championship trophy for the northeast Ohio.” With the publication of the report of Smith, many people focus their attention on the deep meaning of the word “a trophy”. Did he return to the knight only for the purpose of feeling? After achieving this goal, he will be free to make choices between left behind and make a choice? Season, LeBron told the bleachers “Howard Baker, he is willing to pay cuts to obtain and Paul, Anthony and wade fought opportunity. Prior to this, or ESPN the Smith, he reported that LeBron camp said that if people put LeBron’s pay seen as it should be, or LeBron shoulder too much pressure, he will choose to flee again. The Cavaliers officially even to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe confirmed, if the team can not win or in the postseason performance pulpy, do not rule out the LeBron run away again the possibility. This season, Lebron averaged 25.3 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.8 assists. The playoffs, knight was smooth sailing to hit ten in a row, until recently the end of toronto. Loew’s “soft”, Irving “alone” in front of the victory, are people selective amnesia, instead is endless praise. But don’t forget, Loew is always the Loew, play on the outside, soft, Irwin is still the Irwin, how can pass. All the cloth in the face of failure will be ruthless off. Smith’s argument, can only be seen as a kind of speculation, but this argument seems absurd some. Win the championship and go? Smith is just crazy about the limelight? But one point is certain, this kind of crazy speculation will continue until Lebron makes a choice. Author: Small Red Army

[NBA] Weiss announced his withdrawal from the Olympic team to say goodbye to the Olympic President: nothing to do with the virus in Brazil

Beijing time on June 11, the thunder guard Russell Westbrook announced that he would quit the current USA basketball, no longer with the team in the summer of Rio Olympic Games.


Weiss said in a statement: “after discussions with my family, I decided not to participate in this year’s Olympic Games. This is not an easy decision, in 2010 and 2012 on behalf of the national team to win the gold medal, is my career high light moments. I still look forward to being a member of the national team in the future.” Weiss at the London Olympics in 2012 will play were 8.5 points and 1.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists in the data, in recent years, his growth and progress will obviously let his weight is more important. In the Davis before, there have been many heavyweight star quit the national team, including Stephen curry, LaMarcus Aldridge, Chris – Paul, Anthony Davis and John wall. The basketball association president Jerry – Dolangelo said, players from the national team, with the outbreak of the virus in Brazil Never mind. Prior to the athletes have publicly expressed concern about the outbreak of the (Zika) during the Olympic Games, the Spanish star Gasol – Paul has revealed that he also consider withdrawing from the national team. However, Dolangelo said the United States players from the national team is because of injury problems. Weiss of the season and was not injured, he in the regular season played 80 games, with 18 times three pairs, averaged 23.5 points and 7.8 rebounds 10.4 assists the data, and in the playoffs with the team scoring the Western Conference finals, almost out of the defending champion warriors. His partner Durant Kevin said last week that he would like to play in the Olympic Games, it seems that they are no way to continue to join forces in the Olympic games. The American Basketball Association will be announced at the end of 6 in the Olympic Games of the final list of 12 people, the training camp will start in mid July. Now in addition to Durant, Drummond – green and Harrison Barnes have position to selected, and according to ESPN broke the news, DeMarcus – Xin Si test has also been selected. Author: Kewell

[NBA] pioneer assistant is expected to become a substitute for Walton

May 24 reported: according to Yahoo! Sports journalist Werner Rawski reported, incumbent Blazers assistant coach Nate tibbetts become a strong candidate for the warrior chief assistant, a source familiar with the situation revealed. Tibbetts would in the US local time Monday night and the warriors coach Steve Cole in Oklahoma City for an interview. According to previous reports, the Warriors also interviewed current Hornets assistant Stephen Silas, plus tibbetts, according to sources, the warriors will their chief assistant the candidate on the two men, eventually the two men will have a stand out, replace warriors left Luke Walton, become the new season, the team’s chief assistant.


Tibbetts had an interview with the Memphis team in the early days of the interview, and Sellars is expected to become the new coach of the Rockets season. Tibbetts since 2013 as the Blazers assistant, and this became the Blazers coach Terry Stotts powerful right-hand man. And in the previous two seasons, he has worked in the cleveland. Tibbetts was also in the D-League Tulsa 66 team served as coach, two season, he led the team achieved 64 wins, 41 of the negative record, and led the team to the playoffs. It is worth mentioning that the pioneers had also received the permission of the wasp, they interviewed Sellars, hope that they can serve as the team’s chief assistant. For now, the Rockets have added a lot of pressure, they need to make a decision as soon as possible between Sellars and Dandong, to see who will eventually serve as the new season coach. According to previous reports, the Rockets are interested in hiring Sellars and Hollins Lionel together as a joint coach, and the current 76 people in the joint commander in chief of Dandong is also a strong candidate for this position. And for the warriors, the team’s chief assistant Luke Walton will at the end of the season after joining the Lakers, become coach of the purple army. Therefore, the warrior is a pressing matter of the moment is as soon as possible to find a suitable successor. Author: Mu Zili

[NBA] star of the show: Marion Chinese scared head

May 29th report: social networks have become increasingly developed, and the frequency of the players and their families with social networks is getting higher and higher. As fans, always hope that understanding the stars, the following is for you to organize today instagram and Tumblr those fun things, as a big star show come and see! It is said that this is the soup of the day of God, is not a small splash, directly into the swimming pool. Wearing tiger Weiss was drowned. Library sister-in-law also plays a #runningmanchallenge#.


This dance is not 666~ so, who will is James Wong finals opponent? Yesterday, this locker room photos quite feel! The Pegasus and the giant panda and Leon, these days on the Great Wall as a hero. Of course, his understanding of China is not very deep, especially the diet culture. In the streets of Harbin, the head is stunned, “my God, you will eat this?!” Read the comments, the evaluation of foreign users are NO and WTF…… On the hot pot is not adapt, “hot dead!!! Ah ha ha ha “30 years ago today, Byrd won third consecutive MVP~ made next season curry can catch up not? Today, LOGO male West Jerry 78 years old birthday to the letter brother and Pohl Zingis met in greece. The Deluozan Toronto, with the text: “to be continued.” King Wiley – Stein Cowley – this is moving the brick wood, when the star will not be able to avoid the dry toil live ah! Melon’s size is a mystery, a few days ago looking very thin, this is also looking at the meat…… Pure feeling pretty good figure…… A little Jordan from the best lineup for everyone to bring a dance of improvisation! Author:

Don’t blame [NBA] KD he is still with the stars.

Beijing time in May 31st, the thunder in the away 88-96 defeat to the warriors, the big score 3-4 was eliminated. Kevin Durant spell light all the bullets, 19 10 cut 27 points and seven rebounds, in the distal once even seven points, to the Oklahoma City Thunder hope, but ultimately can only see curry gods. Adu in his career to participate in the G7 have at least 25 points, and in the division finals can do this in the players had only Lebron and Jordan. In a game, ADU 31 shots in 10, feel is not good, in the fourth quarter did not make contribution, let the thunder loses the Bureau, reversal warriors. And in today, the warriors let Iguodala first, apparently to lock the dead Adu. Thunder also decided to use the team offensive against the warriors, the results in the first quarter after playing half, Durant became the only one in the thunder did not hit the player. In career at least played robbed seven players in, ADU averaged 36 points, is the first historical and asked him to play disorder seems to be very difficult, but his first half day undoubtedly in the warrior monologues. In 5 minutes and 45 seconds, Adu on the perimeter and ready to catch and shoot three hit points. In 4 minutes and 34 seconds, he faced Iguodala turned back step shot also firmly hit. After the end of the last 41.4 seconds Adu re entered the stage immediately after a high degree of difficulty, he raised 3 in the first quarter of 3 to get 7 points. The warriors of nature desperately teamed Adu, and he is not just hand, in the second quarter of 10 minutes and 20 seconds assists Kanter break layup. Although he has been slow to score, but thunder but by a time of defense to fight back the points difference. Thompson found the touch with three record three points after a tragedy thunder smell taste. After the suspension, Weiss even made a contribution, while Adu also in 53 minutes and 2 seconds to hit the dry pull. The first half thunder only lead 6 points, Adu 5 voted 4 to get 9 points, compared to the first half shot 19 times, can be described as very cherish the opportunity. In the second half of the Adu is still very reasonable, in 8 minutes and 58 seconds in to the vacancy of IBA to score, and he also in 8 minutes and 15 seconds scored high difficulty jumper. But the water brothers scored three points, the final score counter ultra, very hit the morale of the thunder. Adu couldn’t find the right mobile phone will, in 4 minutes 24 seconds by Barnes steals counter attack. When Adu in 41 minutes and 2 seconds to vote for three minutes, Livingston hit back, the champion to expand to 6 points. When Adu replaced Donovan, he was very angry with a shout, which makes the thunder crash faster, the warriors out of the 12-0 wave of the current, the thunder’s victory hope has become increasingly weak. Adu in this section 4 cast 2, that in the seven battlefield to grab the 36 points of the killer is gone, and the thunder team a only 12 points. The distal start Adu scored off in the corner, the thunder hit 10-2 to narrow the points difference.

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Curry in 8 minutes and 06 seconds facing the Adu defense into three points, even cut 7 points, but the two less respond, in Wes soared into the third, Freddy Adu is in roll the ball after a 3-pointer. But the warriors of the three constituent will not stop, Thompson and green to “rain”, and Freddy Adu in 4 minutes and 24 seconds strong cast dry pull Yang again the blacksmith. In 3 minutes and 10 seconds, Adu anti curry, directly behind the ball and play. After a pause, Adu ball hit three points, then break caused Green foul. In 1 minutes and 40 seconds, he hit the jump stop, a man chopped 7 points, the score to 86-90. Unfortunately, curry and become a hero, when Freddy Adu continuous shot into, while curry in 26.8 seconds scored three points and thunder has been chasing points hopeless. “I will stretch out my hand and take the moon, if it fails, it will be with the stars.” In the face of life, Dr. Nolan said, “give it to Durant, the day he will come true. Author: Kewell

[NBA] was the star of the show: Curitiba Mami bowling?

June 3rd report: social networks have become increasingly developed, and the frequency of the players and their families with social networks is getting higher and higher. As fans, always hope that understanding the stars, the following is for you to organize today instagram and Tumblr those fun things, as a big star show come and see! Who will be written into the history books? At least the current champion has written the first one. Curry: I am a bowling pin, soon to hit me ah ~ every time family support, but today there is no see Riley baby ah. Lebron, this record is really badly, the playoffs total score rebounds, assists and steals, all of the top ten. Today the national anthem is “legendary brother” John Legend, “all of me”, his music is for having heard it many times. In 2008, when Davies was still the college library…… Lebron: there should be a round of applause. The young are handsome young ah! At that time, or “small melon” and “little emperor”, now “small” is not a word. So this is the legacy of the three generation of legend? To say, the eastern part of the past seems to have no now so weak. Pearce today to do the ABC commentary guests. Garnett plays golf and smokes cigars. Ray Allen went to his alma mater. All to carry on…… The first three giants. Lebron’s daughter has old driver, his driving car around. A win on the same opponent’s back-to-back finals, or the Jordan era. The driver and Parsons are training together. Downes: a young wolf…… So this is what you think of yourself! Mills on vacation, it should be back to australia. This little friend, want to watch Kobe game, his parents told him that Kobe retired, he was sad.


….. Dad asked, who do you want to see, answer: KOBEEEEEEEEEEEE. You like me or like Kobe, answer: Kobe 55555. What do you want to see Kobe? A: playing basketball 55555 Vanessa forwarded this video, said that the little guy looked good, I will arrange for him to meet my husband! Really is the cry of the child to drink milk ah ~ but Bryant is now busy, today also released the A to the Ghostbusters cheer footage. Old fish is idle, this did not look at the finals, the sun a little own champion according to, I have five rings Oh ~ Russell continue to bask in his great wall pictures, which also show the abdominal muscle, girlfriend big legs look good ah! But what does it mean to write a defense on the pants…… Author: