[NBA]NBA admits that the key should be void curry layup

Beijing time in May 30th, NBA officially announced yesterday, the warriors and thunder sixth battle of the referee report. The alliance admits that there are 1 false positives, and that it is bad for the thunder. Before the pool key layup, Barnes screen should be foul offensive foul. In 23.7 seconds when the warriors game, 3 points ahead, Curitiba, ready to attack the ball. When Barnes roll has a hand movements, the thunder defensive rotations, yibaka curitiba. Curitiba in Ibaka defense key hit a layup, the goal is to kill the game. The referee reported a replay of the goal. The NBA that Barnes of the pick and roll for a foul, his hand has an outer expansion of action, affected Westbrook’s action. The offense should be blown foul. In the game there are 54 seconds, there was a controversial penalty. The thunder was three points behind, Westbrook the ball reached the basket, green ran after anti, make Westbrook ball turnovers, after looking back at the referee warriors of the ball. According to the referee’s report, this time the penalty is correct, although Green’s defense has touched Wesbrook’s arm, but did not cause him to lose control of the ball. Finally, the warriors with a 108-101 victory over the thunder, the success of the total score. The seventh battle of the two sides will be held in May 31st.


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