[NBA] adorable! Curitiba scene “manipulation” teammates like playing 2K

NBA Finals zhanba the second field, warriors home 33 points victory over the Cavaliers, with a total score of expanded to a 2-0, warrior today state Qi Jia, the fourth quarter again played garbage time, and midway through the fourth quarter, Livingston with a mind wonderfully turnaround jumper triggered the audience exclaimed. In the first three quarters warriors scored 20 points to lead, the fourth quarter they redouble their efforts will lead to the expansion of more than 30 points. At this time the game has already entered into the garbage time, green and curry and other players are sitting in the field, looks on the field players enjoy the play. Fourth and five and a half or so, Livingston dribble to get to the free throw line left, back feint continuous false action, then turned to withdraw step drift CIC, the ball in one fell swoop, like action game and a full exclaim, field players have also been surprised by, forced to muster the palm to. And curry then make the movements more interesting, he by hand than a game rocker manipulation action, surface did not what facial expression, like Livingston, the goal is not on the scene, but their in game operating out of action. As is known to all, curry is a fan of the game, nothing else he would invite a few friends or brothers, playing on a plate of 2K at home, curry’s favorite natural men, and he is also willing to control their own, according to his friend said, every library in the game with their hit a good shot, will be excited to make the celebration gesture, as if he really present into the ball. And it is because of too much Kuliben season of the unreasonable and incredible goal, let many 2K fans called for doing more exaggerated, so that you can let the curry in the game also played incredible super far goal.


Presumably watching game fans, see curry of this action, and feel itching incessantly, ready to before the game machine again one to satisfy the. Author: Li more