[NBA] Toronto: I never fear LBJ man

In the Eastern Conference finals opener, Knight although there is no suspense to victory over the Toronto Raptors, but fight billon Bo and LeBron or into the are constantly discussed topic. Bi Yongbo in the basket of the big action defense was almost blown malicious foul, two people also had a quarrel, the other players were pulled open. In the second game before the start, a reporter asked Bi Yongbo is not completely be LeBron’s tough intimidated by this, he said: “yes, I never afraid of him. I will never be afraid of human. I always play jokes on Kell (Lori), saying that I was afraid of the lion.” Then he said: “Lebron is a great player and I respect him very much.

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But at the same time, I need to do our best for the team to win, come up with proper performance when the team needed.” He said in the first game of the defeat will not affect the confidence of billom Bo: “no matter how long the night, the sun will rise. This is a new day for us. We all feel excited.” The Raptors coach Casey said: “no one wants to lose to jump. We have been very happy to play here, but no one will be intimidated by the opponent.” Casey revealed that he is ready to make the lineup and rotation adjustment, the team hopes to play a higher efficiency replacement. He said he valued the role of Joseph Cory, I hope he can play better: he now is not the intuition to make judgments, he thought too much, but can not play the normal game. He is able to grow into a good player, we all like him, he has experienced difficulties and struggles, but we all believe him.” Lori in an interview said that he used the rest of the time to think of the game and play, “we still very confident, G2 is the new game, score board is also starts at 0-0, we should continue to put on forever, and strive to win.” Lori also said: “when our ass kicked by the opponent, will always be a stronger morale.” Author: Kewell