[NBA]ESPN: thunder finals probability 53%

The first game of the Western Conference, Oklahoma City Thunder in the away to 108-102 defeated the powerful Jinzhou warriors. It also allows the two teams on the situation changed dramatically. According to ESPN announced the BPI data (basketball strength index), after the end of the series opener, the probability of thunder in the finals had increased to 53%, and the warriors promotion finals probability dropped to 47%. Thunder team, in fact, they are in the last round against the Sanantonio spurs series is also not being optimistic about which team ESPN. According to ESPN’s forecast at the time, the Spurs were nearly 80% of the probability of promotion. However, the thunder finally won the three game, the regular season has achieved 67 wins and 15 losses record of the Spurs chopped. And in the Western Conference finals, in the face of thunder is regular season record reached 73 wins and 9 losses warriors. Plus, the thunder team in the regular season games against the warriors three war all lose, Warriors team headed star Stephen curry perfect comeback, etc. factors, ESPN is also more biased in favor of the Warriors. Before the start, the series opener ESPN that the warriors promotion probability is 70%, and the thunder team to qualify for the probability is 30%. However, after the first war, the thunder team’s promotion probability increased significantly to 53%. In their 4-0 win against the warriors and advance to the probability is 10%, they 4-1 defeat warriors and advance the probability is 11% and their 4-2 defeat warriors and advance the probability is 22%, they 4-3 defeat the warriors and advance the probability is 10%. And to advance the probability of the warriors fell to 47%, which is the warriors into to the playoffs since appeared for the first time the promotion probability below 50%. In which the warriors to beat the thunder 4-1 probability of 9%, the probability of 4-2 to beat the thunder cut the probability of 13%. And once entered into the Seven World War II, to occupy the home advantage of the warriors will likely to rise, reaching 24%.


For the warriors, they did not encounter much resistance in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Although Stephen curry due to injury, but they rely on a strong overall strength easily defeated the Houston rockets. In the second round of the playoffs, despite tenacious Portland Trail Blazers each game to stubborn resistance, but still because of the strength of the gap and regret losing. And the thunder team will be the biggest challenge of the warriors. The Warriors must be in the next home game to try to win, so as to ensure the thunder team Fankeweizhu made a 2-0 start. Once the warriors have lost two games in a row, their situation in this series will be very difficult. Author: Hu Hu