[NBA] mock draft: Ingram counter attack into the champion

Once a year the NBA draft lottery ended, champion pumping in 76, second, third is the Lakers celtics. Although the draft and 1 month before the start, but we might as well in advance of lottery position do a mock draft, 76 people Brandon Ingram small forward height: 6 feet 10 weight: 196 pounds gifted potential even more than the Simmons. Attack technology and athletic ability are very outstanding, have a good shooting range, experts believe that he is like Durant. The champion drawn 76 people, there are already many inside their array, so the Simmons may not be their choice. 2, the Lakers – Simmons forward height: 6 feet 10 weight: 239 pound the current draft of quasi champion, comprehensive scoring skills, organizational skills, is a ball striker, experts think he and Magic Johnson has many similarities. But in the face of the spirit of play still need to improve. If the Lakers can pick him up, it’s pretty good. 3, the Celtics Jamal Murray control Wei height: 6 feet 5 weight: 207 pounds technology outstanding two guard, good court vision, controlling the ball, around the basket has a strong ability to finish, play is full of aggressive, divided into 3 capability and stability. But in agility, explosive force. 4, sun Dragone bender forward height: 7 feet 1 weight: 216 pounds Almighty big, equal to 3, 4 and 5, it is in line with the basketball trend now. Good control of the ball, there is a very high ball. There is still a lack of strength and stability. 5, the forest wolf Dunn – Chris control height: 6 feet 4 weight: 220 pounds has a strong ability to score, you can score in any location on the court. The congenital advantage of the position of the height of the control point. Agility, speed, excellent field vision. However, may enter the NBA after the need to pay attention to the control of mistakes. 6, pelicans, buddy – Hilde shooting guard height: 6 feet 5 weight: 212 pounds outstanding scorer, excellent jumpers ability. In the NCAA Tournament is played strongly to finish. Good temperament, playing the game is full of fighting spirit, is a leader of the players. But it’s a big four player, up in space. The height, defense is also weak. 7, Henry Aronson, the Nuggets forward height: 7 feet weight: 242 pounds big players in athletic ability is very strong, low skilled, a three point range. Mobile performance, athletic ability are good. Playing is also very passionate. Defense is weak. 8, King Marquis – Chris forward height: 6 feet 10 weight: 233 pounds inside a sports fanatic, strong jumping ability, blocks and rebounds are very prominent. Have a hand of 3 points, especially at the bottom for 3. The disadvantage is that the strength should be enhanced, more foul, offensive technology is also relatively rough. 9, the Raptors Jay Brown small forward height: 6 feet 7 weight: 223 pounds this year’s rookie in addition to Ingram, Brown is the small forward position another prominent. He has NBA level of physical condition, the rim around the very threat, making free throws master, now lack jumper. 10 bucks Jacob Porter center height of: 7 feet 1 weight: 239 pounds and have a top defensive potential inside players, rebounding and shot blocking ability is very good, high ball, play hard. Physical strength also needs to be strengthened, low technology needs to be strengthened. 11, magic Schull – Rabbi Silber center height: 7 feet weight: 216 pounds center in exercise capacity, physical condition is very good. Especially the field running ability, as defender. Technical highlights in the cap.


Ability to project three points, be good at face basket attack. Strength, toughness, low technology needs to be strengthened. 12, sir Valentiny Denzel small forward height: 6 feet 6 weight: 210 pounds although the general ability to exercise, but the ability to do all-round, you can play a number of locations. Basketball IQ is high. The ball control technology is superior, the passing ability is strong. Defensive end is also very strong. 13, the sun Malachy Richardson scored the height of guard: 6 feet 6 weight: 200 pounds of motor ability strong, shooting ability, ability to handle the ball is very outstanding. Recently he showed an outstanding performance in the joint training camp, the draft outlook rose. 14, bull Doman TAZ – sabonis forward height: 6 feet 10 weight: 238 pounds on a second generation of stars, the body confrontation ability strong, basketball IQ is extremely outstanding. The top of the rebound, passing ability is excellent, playing energy is infinite. Shooting ability is still to be strengthened. Author: Qiao Tete