[NBA] ridicule Loew as ridicule this scene No. 23 LBJ together with 24 out of the Warriors

Beijing time on June 9th, the knight home court to 120-90 victory over the warriors, the total score into 1-2. Loew missed the game, but the knight has gain a complete victory. James Irwin, live, live, live JR. Absurd? Giant misses, Knight actually gain a complete victory. In the first two games, the warriors were 48 points, a new record. As to why it will be hit so badly? Analysis of the “ESPN” joke, this is because the rider has the “black hole defense triangle”. What is the “black hole triangle”? That is when the Loew, Irwin and Jr playing at the same time, the knight’s defense will be very bad, especially Irwin and Loew, once together, the two brothers anti roll called last in the league. This is the coach tyronn Lue Zhuaernaosai, but can’t think of a better way. After all, the finals of this game, you can not lose the big scene. But in the last game, Loew Barnes was knocked down an elbow, forcing he missed the debut. After all, the alliance has such a provision, whenever there is phenomenon of concussion, the player is not playing.


In this way, it is directly for the guidance of a solution to solve the trouble. So in the starting lineup, tyronn Lue joined Jefferson, and Lebron in the number four position. As a result, it is from the beginning of the game and the knight, has full power. Lebron Irwin, fire, fire, fire together even JR. In the defensive end, and the proof of the knight warrior Zhuaernaosai, helpless. This is really embarrassed, you know the Loew but one of the Knights of the giants, signing last summer the billions of dollars of orders, it happened when he was in court, knights were playing ground find teeth; when he was present when, the knight can the warriors fight… This is embarrassing. In essence, James and Loew position overlap, after all, in the ball tactical system, Lebron itself is a space type of the big striker. At the same time he also needs to have a certain space inside, to let him take a break. In contrast with Loew on the court, the space will be occupied, and the two of them will be played out. In addition to Loew’s absence, “lead” to win foreign knight. Jefferson’s appearance, is also a key factor. Not to say that Jefferson’s performance is gorgeous, but his back number. Just think, when 24 and No. 23 together, this is a how horrible combination? No wonder the defending champion appeared so bad today. Author: LEON