[NBA] Kidd and the bucks to finalize the 3 year 15 million New Testament will be a surprise?

Beijing time on June 14, according to Yahoo! Sports journalist Werner Rawski reports, league sources familiar with the inside story said that Jason Kidd is with the Milwaukee Bucks finalized a period of three years, with a total value of more than $15 million contract extension. Then according to ESPN revealed the news, Kidd’s contract total annual salary reached $18 million. Kidd had with the Bucks signed a contract last year, and the contract will be made him in charge of the Bucks coach until 2020. Jason Kidd in 2014-15 season began to pick up the Bucks coach pointer, and at the end of the season led the Bucks made certain progress, season, the Milwaukee record from the past 15 wins and 67 upgrade to a 41-41 and to the identity of the regular season sixth reached the playoffs. Kidd’s outstanding performance has also been recognized by the outside world, the season he ranked third in the selection of the best coach of the year. However, the subsequent 2015-16 season Kidd did not lead the Bucks further, the team only got 33 wins and 49 losses of the season, only twelfth in the East, failed to break into the playoffs. In addition, there is news that, although Kidd hope to be able to occupy a certain position in the management of the Bucks, but it is obvious that his role in the team is only limited to the coach, and not the general manager. John Hammond is the general manager of the team, and the team not long ago also hired once in management work Sir Justin Zannike as assistant to the general manager, assisted Hammond. Many analysts believe that soon after Zannike will replace Hammond in charge of the operation of power, the bucks. But there’s no point in time. Kidd in the Bucks coach, but also in terms of personnel arrangements for the bucks to carry out a series of reforms.

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Early in the season is not over, Kidd in an interview had made it clear that, he will be in the next season arrangements Ade Tor Quinn Bo served as the point guard position, this will also enable brother letter in NBA history to write a splendid. Author: Mu Zili