The death of [NBA] five out of date? AI original “death five” weapon Cole

October 23rd: the last season, Jinzhou braves death “five small” lineup let the league team all fear. In the end, the warriors in the regular season achieved 73 wins and 9 losses of the best record in history. And with Durant Kevin’s team, the team will be more varied. The locker room leader Iguodala said in an interview, the warriors can not only play the “death five” lineup, even when necessary discharge a “death squad five”. The finals last season, the Jinzhou braves sadly Cleveland staged a comeback, no regret to defend. The warriors were big lineup adjustments in this summer, boggarts, Harrison – Barnes and izeli and other important players have to leave, and Durant joined the team superstar. Durant long arm length, technology, and has a good ability to protect the basket, which makes the warriors play more diverse. This one season before the game, the warriors from a rare inside the lineup: Durant is the tallest player on the field, then the collocation of Stephen curry and Sean – Livingston, Iguodala – Thompson and clare. In the past, the warriors can not arrange for Barnes to carry out such a lineup.


The warriors’ death five “lineup is expected to deter the opponent’s weapon they can most in the new season. But in addition, since Durant has replaced the position of Barnes, which allows the warriors can even discharge a super five lineup. Iguodala first put forward the idea: Green – Drummond, Thompson, Durant, Kevin – and Mcgee. Every player in the squad has a pair of long legs, sports ability, their height at 6 feet above 7. According to the idea of Iguodala, last season’s double three regulars Green will serve as the point guard, and RuNi and Mcgee of the two big athletic burst table is jointly paint. Iguodala said: “coach Cole will be rewarded, but he has never thought of it.” In addition, the warriors in the season before the show reflects some of the characteristics are also worth attention. Durant, curry and Thompson was the team’s three leading scorer, their pre-season every 36 minutes to score were 29.8, 29.4 and 26.7, is expected to their new season scoring are likely to break 20 points. From the point of view of the score, curry and Thompson scores undulating, belonging to the explosive scorer, and Durant is belong to stable scorer. In addition, Green is expected to score a decline in the new season, but he can provide help in other areas. Author: Hu Hu