[NBA] fat: Lu was not qualified to speak to me

O’Neill TNT commentator recently on inside the NBA program with his former teammate and current Cleveland Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue Kaiqi joke. O’neal said, when the Lakers, Lu is not qualified to talk to me. As one of the greatest NBA player, O’neal no matter which team is absolutely mobile. So, the general player in the team is really not qualified to talk to him. In O’neal’s career, O’neal also established a strict exchange policy. And other commentators on the thunder team player Robertson Andre in the game, said the issue of garbage, they will talk about the role of the players in the team’s position. O’neal said: “when only five starters and some of the key players are allowed to talk to me.” Then, he added: “at that time, tyronn Lue have no right to talk to me.” Although then just the Los Angeles Lakers a served as the backdrop for a small role, but now tyronn Lue has been expensive to the eastern despots Cavaliers coach, even LeBron James such big name players to listen to his orders. Lu in his career in constant struggle, strive to strive for the experience of the upper reaches of the absolute. 1998 draft pick, Lu in the first round of the twenty-third CIS was selected by the Nuggets to enter the NBA. But then he was traded as a bargaining chip and traded to the Losangeles Lakers. In his career, Lu has been unknown to the public. In the 554 game of his career, he averaged 1.7 points and 8.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists. In the Lakers’ third season, Lu field can only contribute 3.4 points, is really just a small role, he and O’neal such big players can not say it is absolutely possible. In the June 7, 2001 finals opener, Lu is scheduled to go to Philadelphia defensive teams of 76 super star Iverson. In this game, Iverson crossed the Lu picture was regarded as a classic, has been considered to be the “kuaxiazhiru lu”. But Lou himself does not think so, when people take this thing to make fun of him, he always said: “people should remember that we will be able to win four games, easily won the NBA championship.” In the next game, Lu by virtue of the excellent defensive limit Iverson play, but also won the respect of Iverson. Is that neither overbearing nor personality, let rold in order to ultimately win LeBron convincing, and eventually became the head coach of the Cavaliers. After the end of the player’s career, Lu in a number of teams have served as assistant coach, after he got a 4 year $6 million 500 thousand from the knight team, becoming the NBA annual salary of the highest assistant coach. And this is not the end, Lu then replaced the Blatter to become knights coach, and is rapidly gaining the respect of LeBron and other big players, in his rookie season is in the playoffs made 10 straight start, beyond the generation of Marshal Pat Riley, set an NBA record.


Author: Hu Hu