[NBA] from 60 to the core of Thomas to talk about Zhou Qi: the draft will change his life

Chen Xiaomin June 14, Shanghai reported: Beijing on June 14, 2016, the Celtics Isaiah Thomas and the Los Angeles Lakers rookie team in Groton, Dean Russell together visited Shanghai, to participate in “NBA cares” activities, and Primary School of Shanghai violet 20 small fans to spend a memorable afternoon. From the original 60 overall stand out become now the core team PG, Thomas story to let the children a lot of incentive, himself still in front of the Chinese media about the prospects for development in the NBA Chinese player Zhou Qi. Overwhelmed by came to China, young Thomas has become “NBA” care activities of most concern to one of the players, a registration height only 175, 60 overall pick, almost did not play the ball “Shorty”, has now become the averaged 21.7 points, 6.7 assists, hit rate was 42.6% team core PG, as the largest contributor to record progress for the Boston Celtics. June, Thomas and Lakers rookie Russell together came to Shanghai, is located in Shanghai Xintiandi Hubin Road shopping center on the second floor of the world’s first NBA Park, Isaiah Thomas and Groton, Dean Russell and small friends in the park “adventure kingdom” District conducted a basketball themed adventure. In the sense of the game area, the children are selected by the computer of their favorite team, the ball and even the color of the shoes, and then stood in front of the screen to control the basketball game on the screen, the shooting competition. “Itchy” by Dean Russell Grosso even with one of them was a fierce competition. In addition to playing games, two players in the “fantasy basketball field” with the children for a brief training of basketball dribble. Accustomed to the court the tense atmosphere of the players with the children in playing together, filling a large boy’s naughty character, from time to time various “cheating” and “shamelessly”, the scene is full of laughter and cheers. One hour ended in a relaxed atmosphere of regret. For children, NBA park is a unique, full of pleasant surprises. And in terms of Isaiah Thomas and Groton, Dean Russell, in the world’s first NBA Park, with a new, entertaining way interaction with Chinese fans to play will become one of China’s most precious memories they the. , of course, in addition to interact with children, the Chinese media will also subject to nowadays and the NBA intersection of hot guys Zhouqi, turning to the road of Chinese players for possible future NBA, as a senior, Thomas said, although he did not know Zhou Qi, but if he is good enough, in the draft there will be good results, “to participate in the NBA draft, change the process of his life and his family’s fortunes is very good, I really enjoy my last year’s NBA draft process.” And speaking of the draft of their cis position is not particularly high, but today’s achievement is very high, he is how to spend this growth process, how to face the pressure, Thomas said: “I have always felt that I just need a chance, although I am not in the very front of the cis position is selected, but as long as I selected, I will make good use of this opportunity, show to all people, regardless of my position is in front of or behind, I just keep my idea, never timid, play my own performance, let a person see my terrible place.” Author: Chen Xiaomin