[NBA] is not going anywhere! Lebron Pro for stay next year for the defending team Knight

Knight today held a victory parade, cliff Lanwan empty lane, and just before victory parade began, LeBron James more is let g city all people eat a reassurance. He himself said will continue to remain in Cleveland. “I love here, I like to stay here, I love my teammates,” before the start of the Knights of the championship parade, LeBron to the Cleveland media commitment, “obviously, my agent will help me take care of all these matters, but I am very happy, I didn’t go to anywhere else at the moment.” Although LeBron has promised to “present and not leave Cleveland”, but he this summer or likely to opt out of his contract, LeBron next season’s annual salary is $24 million, if he is out and re signing, the maximum will get 30 million / years of max (he needs in the local time on June 29 recently made a decision). Obviously, the knight’s boss Dan Gilbert will not hesitate to raise wages for the FMVP. The finals this year, the Cavaliers in 1-3 behind and do not have the home court advantage, through snatches seven wars, completed the finals series reversal of shaking, Zhan Huangyi is on the spot moved to tears. Series 7 war, LeBron won a total of 208 points and 7.9 rebounds and 62 assists 18 steals 16 blocks, all data were in two teams of the leader, so dominant, NBA Finals MVP award also won’t slip. He joined Jordan, Duncan, O’neal and the “magic” of the ranks, becoming a career at least 3 times to win the finals MVP players. In team history bring first championship trophy, is the city of Cleveland from 1964 to after the first four MLS cup, when two “decision” made LeBron suffered questioned had disappeared, not in the summer staged “3”. There is no doubt that Zhan Huangyou a ambition to next season defending championship and the team is bound to surround him to continue to build a champion lion.

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“There is no doubt that I am the happiest moment in my life.” Lebron said, yes, he won’t leave.