[NBA\] library LBJ meet again or epic Showdown

June 3 report: Knights and warriors again into the finals. The finals this year is not only a repeat of last season ‘s finals, this duel can also is seen as the new century black and white hutch (Larry Bird, Magic Johnson) classic showdown a copy. The challenge this season, LeBron in his career in a total of seven times scored in the finals, but in the stage of the finals, but he never and Kobe Bryant met. Today, the superstar has two consecutive years in the finals to face curry. “I think it’s great,” Lebron said. “Whether it is for the individual or the game itself, this is great, which reflects the competitive side of the game, I am very lucky to have been against Duncan, KG, and ray Allen, and the great pistons. Now Stephen (Library) and the warriors, so I am very lucky.” Now the NBA style compared to the eighties and nineties of the last century can be said to have changed beyond recognition, but fate duel between LeBron and curry may reminds people of the year Larry Bird and Magic Johnson between epic Showdown. Lebron will make people think of magic, when the magician is a 2 meter 06 height of the point guard, his appearance is revolutionary. And LeBron and the magician’s stadium have similarities, but due to the decline in recent years, three point shooting, LeBron play belong to the traditional, he more shots from the basket, sanfenxianwai shot of the proportion of only 20%. Instead of changing his teammates, his passing is still a very effective weapon on the field. Curry, on the contrary, he has 55% of the shots from beyond the arc, he seems to come from in the X-Men character, is a mutated version of the “big bird”. Larry Bird in the 1979-80 season in NBA, NBA coincides with the set up the three-point line, in a 13 season career. In total, he shot 1727 three pointers. The Kuliben season at the three point out the hand 886 times, more than half of the bird occupation career.


Curry was born on March 14, 1988 in nine months before he was born, “black and white Hutch” completed them on the stage of the finals last confrontation, the back, the magician where the Lakers 4-2 the large-scale component Kebede collar army Celtics. “You may not have seen the classic series broadcast,” curry said. “I don’t see a live game magician, Jordan and Byrd these players. But you can go to see their documentary, you will understand the story between them, they let the game at that time reached a very high level, and it is inspiring. Today, we are also creating history, whether it is against the thunder series or finals, I think it will be special, I and my teammates want to do something special.” Warriors go beyond the Bulls 72 wins or a starting point, but it certainly won’t be the end. Curry and Lebron showdown might like the magician against Bird classic, become the new banner of modern NBA. Author: Zhao Buchuan