[NBA] still remember 15 years ago Carter work not completed yet

We won! At this moment, for all the fans in Toronto, which may is their inner most want to shout out a word, especially their team raptors in the playoffs every step walk is so struggle. After the first round of grab 7 eliminated the Pacers, the Raptors again by snatches 7 eliminated the heat, which allow them to become in the history of the NBA. The 15 teams in a playoff twice by Rob 7 promotion team. , of course, this is not the most inspiring place, raptors and finally for the first time reached the division finals, which created the youngest team in the NBA this history. For a team in 1995 to join the league team, along the way, we can say eyeful is sad and hard. In the team, the first four seasons, raptors have been unable to enter the playoff, and Carter’s arrival changed this situation, in the 1999-2000 season, raptors, Carter led reached the playoffs for the first time, but in the first round of the playoffs, they were the Knicks 3-0 swept out. Since then has been to before the end of the season, raptors and 6 months of the season into the playoffs, but there are 5 times are in the first round of the playoffs were eliminated. Especially last season and made 49 wins and 33 losses record of the Raptors in the regular season turned out in the first round of the playoffs by wizards 4-0 exit. And to push forward a season, the Raptors in the first round of the playoffs still to occupy the home court advantage is the nets under G on, losing battle to grab 7 and will be eliminated. And during this period, the own basket only once into the first round of the NBA playoffs was the 2000-01 season, after the first round 3-2 eliminated the Knicks, raptors battled seven games was at the time of the adoration of Iverson led the 76ers eliminated. One game, this is a Raptors distance finals recently. And the time series of the splendid intense degree still now fans relish, when Carter and Allen Iverson in almost every game was on soared trend. 3 people two times a single score more than 50 points (Carter 50 times 1 points, Iverson 2 were 54 points and 52 points), Carter 7 games down field can be cut 30.4 points, while Iverson corresponding data is 33.7 points. In the year to grab 7 war, Carter and Iverson are strangle each other, they were only 20 points and 21 points, but the 76ers won the final victory.


But the defeat will surely become the forever pain Raptors fans. But at this moment, had witnessed that grab 7 fans should be relieved, because today, the Raptors finally won a leading to the division finals to grab 7 of World War II, in the Eastern Conference finals, they will face is form the Cavaliers. New history, waiting for the team to create. Author: Zhao Buchuan