Don’t blame [NBA] KD he is still with the stars.

Beijing time in May 31st, the thunder in the away 88-96 defeat to the warriors, the big score 3-4 was eliminated. Kevin Durant spell light all the bullets, 19 10 cut 27 points and seven rebounds, in the distal once even seven points, to the Oklahoma City Thunder hope, but ultimately can only see curry gods. Adu in his career to participate in the G7 have at least 25 points, and in the division finals can do this in the players had only Lebron and Jordan. In a game, ADU 31 shots in 10, feel is not good, in the fourth quarter did not make contribution, let the thunder loses the Bureau, reversal warriors. And in today, the warriors let Iguodala first, apparently to lock the dead Adu. Thunder also decided to use the team offensive against the warriors, the results in the first quarter after playing half, Durant became the only one in the thunder did not hit the player. In career at least played robbed seven players in, ADU averaged 36 points, is the first historical and asked him to play disorder seems to be very difficult, but his first half day undoubtedly in the warrior monologues. In 5 minutes and 45 seconds, Adu on the perimeter and ready to catch and shoot three hit points. In 4 minutes and 34 seconds, he faced Iguodala turned back step shot also firmly hit. After the end of the last 41.4 seconds Adu re entered the stage immediately after a high degree of difficulty, he raised 3 in the first quarter of 3 to get 7 points. The warriors of nature desperately teamed Adu, and he is not just hand, in the second quarter of 10 minutes and 20 seconds assists Kanter break layup. Although he has been slow to score, but thunder but by a time of defense to fight back the points difference. Thompson found the touch with three record three points after a tragedy thunder smell taste. After the suspension, Weiss even made a contribution, while Adu also in 53 minutes and 2 seconds to hit the dry pull. The first half thunder only lead 6 points, Adu 5 voted 4 to get 9 points, compared to the first half shot 19 times, can be described as very cherish the opportunity. In the second half of the Adu is still very reasonable, in 8 minutes and 58 seconds in to the vacancy of IBA to score, and he also in 8 minutes and 15 seconds scored high difficulty jumper. But the water brothers scored three points, the final score counter ultra, very hit the morale of the thunder. Adu couldn’t find the right mobile phone will, in 4 minutes 24 seconds by Barnes steals counter attack. When Adu in 41 minutes and 2 seconds to vote for three minutes, Livingston hit back, the champion to expand to 6 points. When Adu replaced Donovan, he was very angry with a shout, which makes the thunder crash faster, the warriors out of the 12-0 wave of the current, the thunder’s victory hope has become increasingly weak. Adu in this section 4 cast 2, that in the seven battlefield to grab the 36 points of the killer is gone, and the thunder team a only 12 points. The distal start Adu scored off in the corner, the thunder hit 10-2 to narrow the points difference.

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Curry in 8 minutes and 06 seconds facing the Adu defense into three points, even cut 7 points, but the two less respond, in Wes soared into the third, Freddy Adu is in roll the ball after a 3-pointer. But the warriors of the three constituent will not stop, Thompson and green to “rain”, and Freddy Adu in 4 minutes and 24 seconds strong cast dry pull Yang again the blacksmith. In 3 minutes and 10 seconds, Adu anti curry, directly behind the ball and play. After a pause, Adu ball hit three points, then break caused Green foul. In 1 minutes and 40 seconds, he hit the jump stop, a man chopped 7 points, the score to 86-90. Unfortunately, curry and become a hero, when Freddy Adu continuous shot into, while curry in 26.8 seconds scored three points and thunder has been chasing points hopeless. “I will stretch out my hand and take the moon, if it fails, it will be with the stars.” In the face of life, Dr. Nolan said, “give it to Durant, the day he will come true. Author: Kewell