[NBA] Cole: never thought to splash against Cleveland: we are still leading to 2-1

After the G3 defeat to the Cleveland 90-120 defeat to the knights, the warriors coach Cole – Steve is still very calm, it is not surprising that when Cole is a player when he has this trait. “This is the playoffs,” Cole said. “(in a field after the defeat) many people view will change, but whether it is 14 hours ago or 16 hours ago (before and after), everything in stride forward towards the great, we are doing great things. Man, do you think the knight will be swept? It’s hard to see this, they are a great team, they suddenly changed the lineup and won a game.” In the first two games of the season the warriors a total of win the Knights 48 minutes after, promising warriors might sweep the knight is not less, but G3 warriors lost 30 points, that even some journalists by surprise. Obviously, Cole stood in a correct view of the outcome, and his disciples also expressed deep recognition. “You pay a lot, and also by the criticism,” clay Thompson said, the G3 he 13 shots 4 only got 10 points. “Want me to say, this is not a big deal, I will learn from the change of every game. We take the lead in 2-0, everything feels great, and then we lose a game, the world will not collapse.” Always never the first three games of the season, the warriors and knights respective defended the home, and the average outcome difference reached 26 points, in fact, this point can find data to support, the playoffs this season, the warriors in home record 11 wins and 1 negative, and the knight is 8 wins and 0 losses. Curry in the final performance is not satisfactory, his this season first consecutive three games scoring no more than 20 minutes, curry think Cavaliers fouls disrupted his rhythm, and three games in clay field scoring only 12 points. “The team is the best point is everyone very competitive,” Klein says, in the G1 warriors reserve group of excellent performance make it easy for them to win the game. “We are really sure that we will have a better performance.” “Now the score is 2-1,” curry said. “We’re still ahead of 2-1 and the story is not over yet.


” Author: Zhao Buchuan