[NBA]ESPN Name: Lebron or return to Miami

James go again? As a superstar in the 2016-2017 season with player options, his whereabouts are always caused by a number of people who are blind. Last week, ESPN named Smith Stephen in a file called “Take First” program, said that if Lebron led the knight to win this year, he is likely to leave the knight to the Lakers or the heat. This is sensational! Pro basketball talk (NBC TV) Dan Rumsfeld meal records under the Smith of parts of speech: “LeBron James promised knight, ‘began in 1964, the champion is far away from the the city. My back is in order to bring you to a long lost the championship. However, after winning the whereabouts, he never mentioned. “I was in Miami last week, and I was in Miami a few months ago. I heard a saying that if Lebron wins, he will return to Miami. If he loses his crown, he won’t go anywhere. But if he wins, his choice is open. Maybe the Lakers, but he’s most likely to go back to the heat. “Look, there’s a lot of content here. After the win, things may become whirling. But lost the crown is not the same, because the knight is still the same old (no champion).

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But more important is that it will hitch LeBron, because he knew, before that honor their commitments, he cannot go anywhere. If you because of the insufficient level of lead does not honor their commitments, and that’s just because you want to stay behind and choose to stay in a much worse. “This is going to be a very interesting thing, we’ll see.” In 2014, before LeBron close to signing with the knights, he passed the “Sports Illustrated” discloses a handwritten letter, he did not explicitly to the identity of the Cavaliers player retired. “No doubt, my goal is still as much as possible to win a championship,” LeBron in the letter said, “but the most important thing for me is to bring a championship trophy for the northeast Ohio.” With the publication of the report of Smith, many people focus their attention on the deep meaning of the word “a trophy”. Did he return to the knight only for the purpose of feeling? After achieving this goal, he will be free to make choices between left behind and make a choice? Season, LeBron told the bleachers “Howard Baker, he is willing to pay cuts to obtain and Paul, Anthony and wade fought opportunity. Prior to this, or ESPN the Smith, he reported that LeBron camp said that if people put LeBron’s pay seen as it should be, or LeBron shoulder too much pressure, he will choose to flee again. The Cavaliers officially even to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe confirmed, if the team can not win or in the postseason performance pulpy, do not rule out the LeBron run away again the possibility. This season, Lebron averaged 25.3 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.8 assists. The playoffs, knight was smooth sailing to hit ten in a row, until recently the end of toronto. Loew’s “soft”, Irving “alone” in front of the victory, are people selective amnesia, instead is endless praise. But don’t forget, Loew is always the Loew, play on the outside, soft, Irwin is still the Irwin, how can pass. All the cloth in the face of failure will be ruthless off. Smith’s argument, can only be seen as a kind of speculation, but this argument seems absurd some. Win the championship and go? Smith is just crazy about the limelight? But one point is certain, this kind of crazy speculation will continue until Lebron makes a choice. Author: Small Red Army