[NBA] thunder steady? Exposure KD most likely to sign the 1+1 contract for Oklahoma City

Durant battle is about to officially open the curtain, the famous reporter Werner Lo Voss Ki – Adrian said that Durant is most likely to renew the contract.

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God Wo said: “the thunder is all competing Durant team in the most powerful leader, Durant maximum likelihood or return to the thunder, and they signed a 1 + 1 of the contract (in the second year player option) and in the summer of 2017 for the future to do far more to, because Svisbruk of the contract also expire.” God Wo also revealed that he gets the message, even if Durant left this summer thunder, he also won’t and other team signed a long-term contract, the contract he signed a 1 + 1. So their future can have the opportunity to pursue greater benefits of the contract. Although currently the team are in meeting arrangements and Kevin Durant, but a lot of teams are actually the this as 2017 lobbying Durant a preparatory they expect Durant thunder the possibility of greatly, so the interview are for 2017 truly recruit lay a foundation first. According to the reports, warriors, spurs, clippers, thunder, heat, such as the Celtic team are in Durant met on the list. Last season’s playoffs, thunder into the Western Conference finals, and once 3-1 leading champion, but eventually was a big reversal of the warriors, missed the finals. But thunder show their competitiveness, look to the whole league, it is difficult to find a few more powerful than the thunder team. Durant naturally understand this truth. Thunder also recently made a deal, saying good-bye to the Ibaka, ora Dibo players from magic there, upgrade the bench. Author: Qiao Tete


[NBA] three 5 5 in the first half off 22 points! Dream Green LBJ+ curry mixture

Beijing time in June 20th, NBA finals ushered in the final G7.

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The spray in the first half of a game today is not very satisfactory, but rather green ushered in the outbreak, inside played hard, cast the perimeter of the quasi, turned Zhan Huang and curry. The entire first half, green 10 shots in 8, the third ball 5 5, and the basket Storm 2 + 1 performance, he not only cut the entire audience highest 22 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists fetched. It is worth mentioning that, in the finals of the seven war, Green is in 2013 Battier (6) since the first half of the three players into the most points. Green this is the rhythm of rob FMVP? If the champion wins, it is not impossible. Author: Dou Dou

[NBA] Green: for the country to play in the Lost Crown pain lobby KD? Listen to the arrangement of the Warriors

June 28th report: ESPN news, today, the warriors star Green in the United States to attend the Olympic Games in the United States announced the media will talk about the loss of the finals. “The pain of losing the crown will never retreat.” Green said, “even on behalf of the England squad for the Olympic Games is a very glorious thing, but we win opportunities in close proximity, but ultimately not successful. It will never disappear. Of course, you have to move on.” Now warriors and Durant rumors a lot, as a free agent, Durant may join the warriors, the current news that the warriors in the Durant plan to interview the 6 teams. Durant is also the men’s basketball team competed in the Olympic Games of members, the reporters will naturally ask Greene if the warriors with Durant will have more powerful? “I don’t know.” Green replied, “now everything is not easy to say, are all in the hand of the whole body. In the final analysis, it is not yet conclusive. I’m not going to worry about things I can’t control.” “It’s a business. I’ve been taught anyway, you either get better, or you get worse. As the team will always have to look at the next step, to focus on the future.” Green said that if the warriors let him to lobby Durant, then he will follow the instructions of the team to do so. USA Basketball array in and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Irwin, Green said, although just experienced the finals matchups. But now when the team will not have what strange awkward feeling. “Going to the finals of course still fresh in our memory, but this does not mean that I want to take the ‘Oh, man, I to Irwin is really angry.


‘ This kind of emotion comes here. First, they beat us, so you have to respect the fact. Second, we came here to play the games, it has nothing to do with anyone’s personal feelings. It’s about the country.” Green said. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] can’t touch the victory! Wade suffered mileage tragedy

Today, the heat in the away game to challenge the Raptors, they a small lineup this magic no longer, rebounding and shot both burst, eventually helpless defeat. 34 year old Wade 13 shot 16 scored 6 points, hit three two pointers, but also contributed 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Old lightning man unable to with the club staged a “father prime, which is Wade has key performance and heat officer pushed to his nickname, the approximate meaning is” back to the top of the father “. Wade started and did not take the initiative to participate in the attack, but the use of defense to drive the rhythm. Is not the same as in the past, his first goal came a little late, but the same key. Left in the first quarter 6 minutes and 14 seconds, the heat on the offensive end delay can not find the rhythm, wade in the right upper singled out Carol, continuous crotch +Hesitation, withdraw to the left after a high jumper succeeded. Then Wade, break into the penalty area underhand pointers to Luol Deng, who then almost completely unmarked, easy to put basket is procurable. But the Raptors attack rounds, Wade Carol caused second fouls, only ahead by Taylor for Johnson. The second quarter left 10 minutes and 32 seconds, the body back two foul Wade replace Taylor. After the first round, with Wade at the height of the head of Joseph step shot for the team to stop the tide. But on the defensive end, because of foul trouble, he did not dare too much make defensive action, by Ross for a fall and hit a layup. But Wade is the reason why Wade, is because he can be anywhere in any way back to wherever he goes, back on the offensive end, He Zhong Lu suddenly hit a layup. With the deepening of the game, the strength of Wade began to be, is under permanent breakthrough than boghe. Since there is no physical breakthrough, then choose a more effort to attack the way, the second quarter left 1 minutes 38 seconds, de Rakic Wei Dejie assists three points hit. Easy side battles, Wade began to break assists Deng hook shot. But the star suddenly feel the Raptors bursting, a road going after the strike will be widened to double digits. During this period, Wade did not have too much direct involvement in the attack. But under the Raptors like the tide of the offensive, the heat just to keep normal level obviously is not enough, they need to wade stand out lead the team.


7 minutes and 06 seconds left in the third quarter, Wade with a good pitch pass cut layup Deng smell. But this piecemeal score is somewhat an utterly inadequate measure. The difference with the Raptors to expand again, Wade’s investment is very solemn and throw the helve after the hatchet. With 5 minutes and 12 seconds, Wade in the defense process is caused by third fouls billom Bo, Taylor had to be replaced by Johnson. After a few minutes of rest, Wade again on the field, after the shaking caused by the opponent foul, penalty in a ball. In the face of the outbreak of Wade, DeRozan arc top three points and then. After this goal, Wade beyond Ha Foley Cheik, career playoff total score of 3779 points, rose to eleventh place in history. There is a saying: “may the bow shot will make Yan, Wu Jun Ming more a disgrace”, said it is this state. Distal left 7 minutes 05 seconds, Wade pick backboard of the field after a road ran cause billon Bo offensive interference with the ball, the score is more like issued prior to sacrifice a moan. Distal to the second half, wade in an attack stepped on Lori’s foot twisted to his ankle, pain grin but still adhere to the teeth. Game with 3 points and 23 seconds, 25 points behind the heat can not recover, 34 year old lightning man was Green Gerrard. Then the camera swept to wade on the bench, his eyes still slack, watching the movements on the field, perhaps go to today he really has been unable to Savior, but as fans, we have seen the age of his presence on again and again to save the team, this is enough. In Miami fans, people sometimes call Wade as “Dian wei”. As everyone knows, Dian Wei is the Three Kingdoms period Cao Cao’s players, after Zhang Xiu betrayed Cao Cao, Dian Wei for Paul Cao Cao fought and died. Wade also Dian Wei’s two characteristics, a Yue Zhong, Yue Yong, Wade today, really people think who Yuanmen outside the blood spattered robe of ancient star. The end of a “Wang Wei” in the end of the famous veteran. “He was a 3000, when millions of teachers had a sword. If you keep the old cloud, and worthy of a fight for meritorious service. Author: Small Red Army

[NBA\] than handsome re employment!

The Memphis Grizzlies officials have officially hired former Miami assistant David fize exploits DELL as a manager. And the future of how he will form his own coaching team, which has become the focus of attention.


Recently, according to Yahoo! Sports journalist Werner Rawski reported that former Rockets interim coach Bickerstaff has with the Grizzlies reached agreement, the new season he will serve as the team’s joint manager of the post. Werner Rawski said, in fact, the Losangeles Lakers are also very interested in the team, but in the end he decided to go to work in Memphis. According to the coalition had spread rumors, Bickerstaff at the end of May had flown to Memphis Grizzlies in the interview, when he and Griz coach Fitz Dell interact. Bickerstaff in the NBA has many years of working experience in assistant. His first job as an assistant is in the 2004-05 season, when he was working for the team is the Charlotte Bobcats. The 2007-08 season to the 2010-11 season, Beek Gustave to Minnesota, became an assistant wolves. Since the 2011-12 season, Beek Gustave began serving rockets assistant. At the beginning of the 2015-16 season, the Rockets in coach Mchale led by only 4 wins and 7 negative start, after he was the team dismissed. Beek has served as interim coach Gustave rocket post. After coaching the Rockets in 71 games, Tito will own coaching season freeze in 37 wins and 34 losses, winning 52.1%. After the end of the season, the Rockets began to invest in the selection of the future of the new coach to work. A strong candidate for the original Beek Falstaff is also the rocket in the 2016-17 season, coach. But as time goes on, Beek eventually withdrew from the Rockets coach candidate staaf. However, after a long time, than the handsome in Memphis re employment success. Also according to the Memphis Commercial Daily “reported, according to the more familiar with the inside story of the sources said, grizzlies coach Fitz Dell and signed for the club on the details of the contract to be exposed, he struck with a grizzly is a period of four years, with a total value of about $10.2 million contract. It is reported that Dell Fitz picked up the Grizzlies coach before the two season’s annual salary is $200 million, the third season increased to $300 million, the four seasons is a value of $325 million team option. Author: Mu Zili

[NBA] Xiao Hua: Curitiba ah did not shake hands is my fault

Yesterday, Xiao Hua, President of the NBA before the warriors and a pioneer of the G5 to curry issued this season’s MVP trophy, but Silverstone is sudden, oolong, curry take the initiative to shake hands with him even ignore the, the results lead to heated debate. Now, Xiao Hua has made an apology. Recommended reading: Silverstone through NBA official twitter said: “you have to shake hands, I did not answer is my fault, @ curry, once again, congratulations to you, become history first unanimously adopted the MVP!” Before yesterday, the NBA is short of MVP awards ceremony, curry, stretched out his hand to shake hands with the Silverstone, but Xiao Hua may too nervous, did not pay attention to, or intention is to misunderstand the curry, thought he is to take the trophy, so he did not shake hands directly to the MVP trophy, this also let curry as awkward, right hand vacant will just let go. This thing is also a hot topic of discussion on social media yesterday, Xiao Hua certainly also saw everyone’s comments. The warriors beat up after the game, Silverstone active waiting curry, two people clearly already know previous embarrassment, curry, laughing came and shook hands, Silverstone is to explain what the atmosphere is very happy. This season, curry won the award is well deserved he swept the regular season scoring king, steals, three Wang (402 three points), led the warriors to create 24 season wins 0 negative historical start, also the season completed 73 wins feat.


He even finished fourth in the fastest growing player award. Although he was in the first stage of the playoffs due to injury truce, but the performance of the popular comeback, has helped the warriors into the Western Conference finals. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] old Walton: love the style of the warriors and the team culture look forward to their G6 win

According to ESPN reports, before the start of the sixth war in the finals, the Jinzhou warriors assistant coach Walton – Bill’s father Walton Luke is in Losangeles. He is visiting the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Old Walton is immersed in the eSports games, and his son also hope to the identity of the assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors won the second championship. Walton said: “I have been to all the home games, I was very sure that they will win the championship in five games. But I’m sure they can win tonight. For Luke, that is the best. I love the warriors, Stephen curry is who I love. And I also like the team’s style of play and team culture.

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They reflect the great movement. I’m really proud that Luke could be part of the team.” In the finals, the old Walton has been watching the game in Oakland. If the two sides have robbed the seven war, he will definitely visit the scene to support his son. However, old Walton did not want to have to rush to the seven war. He said he would like to see his son in front of the TV to get the life of the fourth NBA Championship (Luke as a player, but also to win the championship two times). Old Walton said: “tonight I will watch the game in Losangeles and my family, and we all hope that the warriors can win.” When old Walton walk in the Expo site, many people have recognized him and came to him for photo and signature. Walton Luke is on the way to the Losangeles Lakers as head coach after the end of the finals. Expected the Lakers held a press conference next week formally introduced Walton’s office. Little Walton spent most of his time in the Losangeles Lakers play, with the bass family and Kobe and other super stars have a very good relationship. Little Walton also with the Lakers two times to get the NBA championship, he has a deep feelings for this team. Old Walton had previously said he hoped his son not to go to the Lakers when the coach, and should continue to stay in the warriors to learn. But ultimately Walton decided to go to the Lakers, and the old Walton for his son’s decision is still supported. Old Walton said: “it’s really an incredible opportunity. We all come from southern California, and we all love the Lakers. Luke will not find a better job than the Lakers coach. I am the world’s most proud and lucky father.” Author: Hu Hu